Friends who were present in Raj Kaushal’s meeting shared the picture and wrote – ‘You have left a legacy of love’

Main characteristics:

  • Director Raj Kaushal died of a heart attack on June 30.
  • Mouni Roy shared a picture from Raj Kaushal’s prayer meeting.
  • Special friend Ashish Chaudhary has also written a long note expressing his feelings.

Condoling the death of Bollywood filmmaker Raj Kaushal, Mandira Bedi staged a sit-in at her home on Saturday. Mandira Bedi’s personal friends and family were present in Raj Kaushal’s meeting.

Mandira Bedi and Raj Kaushal’s two children – son Veer and daughter Tara reached the father’s seat. The scene was heart-wrenching. Mandira Bedi’s parents were also present in Raj Kaushal’s meeting.

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royal prayer meeting

Mandira and Raj’s personal friends Mouni Roy, Vidya Malvade, Ashish Chowdhary were present in the meeting. Importantly, Ashish and Mouni visit the temple almost daily after Raj’s death. His friends are giving courage by standing by the side of the temple which was destroyed by the king’s demise.

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After the death of Raj Kaushal, celebs are paying tribute to him on social media. Then personal friend Mouni Roy shared a picture of Raj sitting. As you can see, a picture of Raj is placed on a table decorated with flowers and in front of it is a board which reads, ‘We all miss you Raji. Sharing this picture, Mouni wrote, “We do… nothing will be the same now.”

Mandira Bedi Insta

After the death of her husband, Mandira Bedi, who is in mourning, has disappeared from social media. However, Mandira updated a black circle by deleting her picture from the profile picture of her Instagram account. Who says everything.

Mandira’s husband Raj has been feeling uneasy since Tuesday, a friend of the couple said at 4 pm.

Raj Kaushal was like an elder brother to actor Ashish Chowdhary. Ashish is also deeply shocked by his untimely demise. Ashish has also expressed his feelings by writing a four-page note, sharing a picture from Raj Kaushal’s seat. In this note, Ashish remembers Raj’s thoughts, thoughts and what happened to him. Ashish also said that Raj always talked about leaving a legacy. According to Ashish, Raj has left a ‘legacy of love’.

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Here is an excerpt from a long note written by Ashish. “Raj always used to say, ‘It’s just a matter of leaving a legacy.’ The word ‘heritage’ means success for me and the whole world. But now I understand that it is not in this world. The only legacy is love. Only my family and friends.” Not for love, but for everyone we’ve met and talked to once or twice in our lives, whether they’re rich or poor, big or small. Tell us we need to remember even after life is over. We cannot take money or wealth with us. We can only carry people’s desires, how many emptinesses have come after that person’s departure, I wish it did not come – that feeling my brother left in abundance. He had immense love in his big and tender heart and he shared it. His beautiful heart has been persistent and overtime, perhaps because it has stalled, however, a love that can reach anyone. It was only after he left his legacy that his heart stopped beating.”

A few days before his death, Raj Kaushal met Mandira and took an important decision regarding the property.

Raj Kaushal and Ashish Chowdhary were special friends. Mandira called Ashish when on the morning of June 30, Raj suffered a heart attack and they both took him to the hospital. Unfortunately, Raj breathed his last before reaching the hospital. Raj Kaushal passed away at the age of 49 on June 30 at 4.30 am due to a heart attack.

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