From cillions on houses to bikes, here are Dhoni’s most valuable assets


  • Former Indian captain MS Dhoni celebrates his 40th birthday
  • MS Dhoni is the most precious Land Farm House
  • Dhoni owns Ferrari Porsche cars and Confederate bikes

New Delhi: As he celebrates his 40th birthday, the contribution of Indian captain MS Dhoni to Indian cricket is unforgettable. Dhoni was the main Indian currency and all titles in the history of ICC cricket. Captain Dhoni, who has led India on a new path with two World Cups, a Champions Trophy title and several series victories, has valuable assets in his personal life.

Millions of houses and farms

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The place where Dhoni has settled in Ranchi is worth millions of rupees. The report is about 100 crore of dheanikkuntennan material. This includes a luxury house and a country house. Dhoni will spend more time here after his retirement from international cricket. Previously, Dhoni had focused on organic farming.

Porsche 911 car

Dhoni owns the Porsche 911, one of the largest luxury cars in the world. Vahanabhramakkaranaya Dhoni spent 2.5 million rupees on this car. Porsche is one of the most expensive cars in the world. 4.5 sekkanrukeant karanit kaivarikkanakunna speed of 100 km. In addition to Porsche, Dhoni also owns Hummer and Ferrari vehicles.

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Hummer H2 car

Vahanabhramakkaraya karukalileannan wanting Hummer 2. This is an SUV car. Dhoni walking with a Hummer on the road in Ranchi is a regular sight for the locals. In 2016, while riding a New Zealand team bus, the image of Dhoni riding in this car next door went viral. The car is priced at Rs 72 lakh. Dhoni also owns a Ferrari worth Rs 1.38 crore.

Confederate Bicycle

The Confederate meattearlsinre helkyarr Dhoni bicycle. This is the main attraction of the Dhoni bicycle collection. The price is around Rs 30 lakh. Dhoni, who is in South Asia for the first time on this bike. It is also the favorite bicycle of Hollywood actors. Dhoni rarely travels by bicycle.

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