Funny Dialogues From This Comedy Series Will Make You Laugh

In the data from the 2021 National Family Health Survey, the proportion of the number of women may be higher than that of men, but the reality is that the number of girls is still much lower in many states of the country. Because of this, the men who live there don’t even get married. Due to the low number of girls in many districts of West UP, Haryana and Rajasthan, people are forced to go to other states and get married. Anyway, marriage is the need of every human being. But in the changing times, getting married for men is becoming a tedious task. A comedy drama series based on the same theme ‘Munnes’ Big Wedding’ will air on the OTT platform Voot Select from August 4.

Actor Abhishek Banerjee has given a great performance in the web series ‘Munnes’ Big Wedding’.

The hilarious trailer for the web series ‘Munnes’ Big Wedding’ has been released today. The way comedy has been added in this series based on a serious theme, it looks very good. In the true sense, the stellar cast of this series is taking their own lives. The presence of Sunita Rajwar, Chetan Sharma, Sunil Chitkara along with Abhishek Banerjee, Barkha Singh testifies to this.

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When Abhishek Banerjee, who once worked as a casting director, started acting, no one believed he would make it this far. But due to his unique performance, he has carved out a different place for himself in the film industry. He has acted in web series like ‘Mirzapur’, ‘Patallok’ and ‘Typewriter’ and in movies like ‘Stree, Dreamgirl, Bala, Helmet and Rashmi Rocket’. Be it comedy or crime, Abhishek’s style is tremendous.

“Meet him, this is Munnes Kumar Yadav. Her life has also become exactly like Sallu Bhai. She is a single of her choice and she is single for the girls.” The 2 minute 20 second trailer for the ‘Munnes Big Wedding’ web series begins with this dialogue, which points towards its theme. The whole Yadav family is worried about Munnes Yadav’s marriage.

Munnes himself is desperately looking for a girl for himself. But after hearing no-no everywhere, his despair begins to turn to despair. At the same time, his friend tells her to comfort him: “Girls know everyone. Couples are made for everyone. There’s even a pair of slippers. Apna Munnes is way better than chappals.” Those hits make you laugh.Here, Munnes’s troubled life is illuminated when a girl named Mahi walks into his life.

Watch the trailer for Munnes Big Weddings…

After seeing Mahi, Munnes attacks her. But there is a difference between the earth and the sky in the personality of both. Despite this, they both fall in love. The matter reaches the wedding. The boys go to the girl’s house. The girl’s father says that he will marry his daughter to the same boy who will get her horoscope. Panditji arrives as a villain in the lives of Mahi and Munnes.

They say this marriage is impossible. If he wants to marry Mahi, Munnes will have to marry another girl first. After that, he can break off that marriage and marry Mahi. After this, he begins the search for that girl, with whom Munnes should be married. Now the question arises whether Munnes and Mahi will be able to marry. Can Munnes find the girl he’s looking for? The answer to these questions will have to wait for the movie.

Raj Shandilya is the producer of Jio Studios original web series ‘The Great Wedding of Munnes’. Raj, who has made such films as Ayushmann Khurrani’s ‘Dream Girl’ and Nushrat Bharucha’s ‘Janhit Mein Jari’, is known for his unique concept. The history of his films is tremendous. A big reason for this is that he is a good writer himself. He has no rest in the comedy category of cinema. In this series, Sunil Subramani has taken over the direction of the direction under his guidance.

From the glimpse of the movie seen in the trailer, it seems that the actors have acted brilliantly in a wonderful story. Tickling dialogue is emerging as a strong side of the film. The dialogues are such that even in the condolence encounter scene, people will be forced to laugh. After a long time, a comedy series will be released, in which a big story will be shown in a small town.

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