Gang rape-based ‘Siya’ is a sincere attempt to portray real events on screen

If ‘crime’ happens to the poor, then justice is a big challenge. If the poor thing is a woman and has been the target of a crime like gang rape, then she has a mountain of challenges ahead of her to get justice.

The above statement is not just a statement but it is the gist of the movie called Siya which will be released in theaters this Friday i.e. September 16, 2022. The trailer for Drishyam Films and the director’s next movie Siya Manish Mundra who has created a different fan base with different stories like Newton, Masaan, Terahvi from Ramprasad, Aankhen Dekhi is in front of us. The trailer sure is heartbreaking. But seeing this, the first thought that finds a place in our mind. I mean, the upcoming movie Siya is a very honest take on what the system and the law do to a gang rape victim and her family. As known from the trailer, the movie is based on a real incident and there are only a few things in it that will be called fictional.

You also have to see Siya because she has taken care of even the smallest detail during the making of the film.

Focusing on crimes against girls, such as gang rape, the story of this film describes the struggle that the family or that person has to face on the screen. with whom the abuse was committed. She is hoping for justice, but the entire system is against her. We want justice The theme of this movie that comes with the tagline is very dark. But since the movie was shot without any raunchy scenes or chili masala, the movie seems to succeed in its goal.

Whether it’s the sneak peek of the movie or the trailer, it feels like real things have been presented in a very real way throughout the movie. There is a scene in the trailer, in which our eyes stay. The film’s lead actress, Pooja Pandey, is seen saying, “We want to fight, we want justice.” Perhaps just hearing this line, a large part will be surprised to say that in such cases there is no justice? The answer is simply that if every gang rape victim in the country had gotten justice in time, then maybe this movie wouldn’t have been made.

If this film is with us today. Then it becomes evident that all the provinces of the country are like this. Where there is a heinous incident such as the rape of a woman or girl. So there is a whole system, in which if it is the police of the area. Justice system. There should be domination and fear of the Bahubalis. People should be outsmarted, a whole system works only because the victim who wanders from door to door looking for justice never gets justice.

There is no doubt that the film whose trailer is going to make a difference. When people watch that movie, their eyes will automatically water even if they don’t want to. In the film, a dialogue is heard in which the actress says what is the point of obtaining such justice, when no one will be left alive to obtain justice. Is this just a dialogue?

No way? Through this dialogue, the producers and directors of the film have slapped the entire system and have tried to say somewhere that justice will be done, but the price that a person will have to pay for it will be very high in many ways.

What will the movie be like? What will be the reaction of the people about it? How much will the film gross at the box office? There are many questions, which time will answer, but it is necessary that after the topic raised by Drishyam Films and director Manish Mundra through Siya, then those voices that were harassed from time to time and remain silent.

The USP of the film is actor Vineet Kumar Singh. Who is in the role of a lawyer in the movie who happens to be a notary’s lawyer but is ready to do anything to get justice for the gang rape victim? As the trailer says, the backdrop of the film is Uttar Pradesh and also Pratapgarh. As is the reaction of the public on social media, people are also seeing it by linking it to the Unnao gang rape.

However, the trailer of any movie remains the same while the movie is something else. And the same is the case with Siya. But in Siya’s case, the good thing was that she spoke from all sides and spoke very bravely and impartially. Such honesty is rarely seen in today’s world. The cast and crew of Siya worked hard in this direction and for that they deserve congratulations.

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