Gehraiyaan review: Deepika’s movie may not like it, but it’s an honest movie

I just saw the movie Depthyan. Why did you feel bad? Because of the kissing scenes? Or therefore cheating in relationships? You can have your own opinion, but I found this movie to be honest. My heart was heavy after watching, there was nothing positive in the movie, but is it far from reality? Absolutely not! Haven’t we seen extramarital affairs all around us? Must have seen. Relationship in the same house, mutual attraction between brother-in-law and sister-in-law… it has been a very common phenomenon, it is not usual to talk about it. These things were kept to whispers. But things kept happening, the relationship kept flourishing.

Seeing cheating in relationships for the first time? You have not found anyone who has trampled on your faith and if you have lost faith in life, then you are lucky! Why should Alisha live with her boyfriend who is totally irresponsible and doesn’t even respect him?

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The question is whether Deepika’s film ‘Gheeiyaan’ is facing unnecessary opposition.

When respect is not served, you must get up from the table! Yes, you can consider it wrong to go with Zain in such a situation, but Zain himself came over, Alisha was vulnerable at the time. Isn’t it human behavior to make such decisions in such a situation?

Zain really wanted to be with Alisha but his work got so complicated that everything fell apart and then what happened between the two was because of the situation. Tia has been honest, but aren’t Alisha and Tia’s different circumstances responsible for her behavior?

You only see kissing scenes in this movie. How much and to what extent bad relationships complicate life was also an issue to consider. If the frustration that arises from this is combined with a bad situation, then life is really scary, even for settled people. In relationships and in life, countless layers are formed, and the person himself remains defenseless.

That’s the depth! The relationships in this movie are true, cheating in relationships is true, breaking up in cheating is true, infidelity with loved ones is true, using relationships for profit is true, stress is true. You may not like it, but this is the reality of our society.

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