Gehraiyaan Review: Depths of Complicated Relationships, Millennial Treatment Story!

Shakun Batra’s Gheeriyaan movie is getting mixed reviews among people. Shakun, who made movies like Ek Main Ek Tu, Kapoor and Sons, etc., has been an assistant director on movies like Rock On and Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. Dehheyan is the movie type of him. Where human emotions were removed from black and white and displayed in the gray area. There is no right or wrong, good or bad, only circumstances force one to behave in a certain way. At the same time, the desire to turn a person into a mere human being has shown itself well on the screen. The story revolves around Tia (Ananya Pandey), Alisha (Deepika Padukone), Karan (Dharya Karva), and Zain (Siddhant Chaturvedi) where their lives get complicated due to circumstances and their wishes. Being in a relationship with someone, being attracted to another person is part of human nature. Not bad. Yes, it can be a reason for heartbreak. Accepting your mistake in cheating in a relationship is not easy, but in such a situation, cheating on the other person is not only a crime, but you definitely get punished in one way or another.

Dipika Ki Dehreyan is a must-see movie for young people today.

In history, the page of the book of common life will be seen on many levels. The life of brothers and sisters who grew up together in a house is not the same when they grow up. Some are living a beautiful life going far and earning money, fame, while the other is forced to struggle in life. So, is there jealousy between them in such a situation?

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Think by yourself!

In general, the story is also about meeting good people in bad situations. All these characters are working on their dreams, this is part of the change that has taken place in Bollywood. What the hero or heroine characters do is told in a few movies as needed. So Zain is working day and night to fulfill his big dream in real estate and Alisha is working on a yoga studio and an app. The reason is to quit work and write a book, and Tia is thinking what to do – Rich girl problem, ‘I’m thinking about taking a pottery class’.

Zain Alisha has some sizzling chemistry. very sensual. Making love, that is, the raunchy scenes were shot very well and didn’t feel forced. Yes, you will remember her age. The current generation that is financially independent, and does not believe in living their relationships with a stick. Premarital sex, children before marriage, don’t cry about the culture on any of these because the culture is different on Facebook and different on Instagram and different in reality.

So you must keep an open mind with yourself to watch the movie. Don’t think, ‘Oh, such language?’ Because Gen-Zie uses ‘the F word’ very easily in abundance. Just don’t do it in front of you!

Some of the issues in the film layers are fine tuned!

In an extramarital relationship there are two men and one woman, so the father and mother can be in this relationship. In this society that sees the mother as a goddess, Bollywood has cleverly dispelled this idea. The mother can also love another person by disinterested in the relationship. The woman comes before the mother – with body and heart!

Family In a country with the most sacred institution, there are such relationships even within the family, although no one talks about them.

Cheating on a partner in a relationship, and living with that cheating, not only suffocates you, but ruins many more lives with it. moving away from the pain, then those who are behind are forced to always live in that suffocation and impotence. The reason for suicide is not only depression, situations and being trapped in that water also find a way out and in moments of weakness the person adopts it.

a messy childhood Even when he grows up, he doesn’t give up. Domestic violence, depression, or the suicide of a parent casts an endless shadow over the child who struggles to separate over and over again. It gives insight into the condition of society and families today and the impact it has on today’s children.

These touchy topics add to the novelty of the story and are probably why they keep it from becoming tiresome. Masala movies don’t have an overblown storyline, nor will they get drama or shocking turns in acting. Rather, whenever she predicts something, his prediction may turn out to be wrong.

The treatment of the film is very millennial. The feel of the story is old, but the texture is new and keeps you hooked. Applying logic in places can lead to disappointment, but know for sure that you will have to think differently than the movie.

Deepika Padukone is as dominant as ever and she looks beautiful in Bala and her performance improves day by day. If Ananya Pandey works a little more on her body language, it’s better or people may not accept in the solo starring movie. Siddhant Chaturvedi shows his acting skills again and is good at sporting cast with patience. The film also stars Naseeruddin Sahab. The role is small but very important and his interpretation leaves the character very present. Overall, a movie made on a fresh, modern, mature story!

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