‘Gentle Approach to Stalin’; New controversy at AIADMK – aiadmk controversy over prime minister mk stalin

AIDMK was formed on October 17, 1972 by MG Ramachandran, a well-known Tamil film actor and chief minister of Tamil Nadu. After leaving the DMK, MGR announced that the new group should drive the forces of evil from power and restore Dharma. Following in MGR’s footsteps, Jayalalithaa also attacked the DMK whenever possible.

But now the Times of India reports that the accusation that the DMK is not being handled properly is strong on AIADMK. Coordinator O. Paneer Selva and joint coordinator Edappadi K were present to discuss the party’s Golden Jubilee celebrations. There was great controversy at the meeting called by Palaniswami. The controversy was sparked by the speech of former minister and Rajya Sabha member A. Anwar Raja.

Anwar Raja claimed that the top leadership and senior leaders of AIADMK were taking a soft line against the main enemy, the DMK. The president’s attempt to block the two-hour speech also created tension.

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DMK Secretary General and Water Resources Minister SK Anwar Raja said AIADMK had not adequately defended Durai Murugan’s statement. The AIADMK only said that Karunanidhi was the real traitor. Anwar Raja’s position was that the agitation should have been carried out in such a way that the declaration with Durai Murugan was withdrawn.

Anwar Raja also questioned AIADMK leaders and former ministers for praising the government led by Stalin, Karunanidhi’s son, inside and outside the Assembly. Anwar Raja alleged that the leaders praised the government for establishing a monument to the traitor Karunanidhi and a library in his name.

Earlier, former minister Cellur K Raju had said that the Stalin government faced anti-social elements like Jayalalithaa. Paneer Selva also praised some of Stalin’s actions. Anwar Raja is questioning all of this.

Another leader told the Times of India that Anwar Raja’s question was whether AIADMK had deviated from its policy of opposing the DMK. At the meeting, senior leader C Ponnayyan demanded that the party reach a golden age before Shashikala and his gang were captured.

You will visit the Jayalalithaa memorial and the MGR house. K Sasikala had previously announced. The meeting also discussed the matter. But there was no discussion about the upcoming local body elections in nine districts.

After the meeting, Senior Leader D Jayakumar told the media that MGR was the party that established the great personality and ruled Tamil Nadu for 50 out of 30 years. True followers of MGR and Jayalalithaa support AIADMK. He also alleged that Shashikala’s visit to the Jayalalithaa monument was a political scam.

The meeting also decided to hold large demonstrations at the panchayat and district level as part of the party’s Golden Jubilee celebrations. Those who supported MGR will be honored. All the statues of MGR and Jayalalithaa in the state will be adorned with flowers. The BJP-led NDA ally, AIADMK, is the main opposition party in the assembly with 66 seats.


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