Get to know the real concern of Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who is irritated by the tsunami of RRR and KGF 2!

Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s role of Laila in Heropanti 2 is attracting everyone’s attention. The role of Nawaz depends on the mood and state of mind of him and in fact, people tell him the USP of Heropanti 2. It is a different matter that many people do not feel fresh in his role as Laila. But it is also not less important that there is a lot of attraction in it. Well, the purpose of speaking here is not Nawaz’s work for Laila but his statement in which he somehow wanted to say that the kind of praise that is given to the success of southern movies (Pushpa, RRR and KGF 2) In Actually, movies don’t. You don’t deserve that much at all.

It’s a good thing Nawaz didn’t name any movies from the south. And although he did not take any name, he can also consider it applicable to The Kashmir Files. It is good that what he did not name, otherwise there would have been room for another topic of discussion. On the question of South movies outperforming Bollywood movies at the Hindi box office, Nawazuddin recently said: Everyone starts praising a movie so much at the box office, actually, as much as it doesn’t deserve. According to Nawaz, the opposite is also true. I mean, if a movie fails, people start doing so much wrong that the movie doesn’t deserve it. Even if Nawaz’s statement is not taken as his personal opinion, it seems correct to some extent. Because there is no “scale” of a movie being good or bad. Each movie has its own terrain. And audience preferences also vary.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui in the role of Laila.

Is there a measure of whether movies are good or bad?

It is impossible to imagine that a film is liked by everyone. In a democracy, just as right and wrong are decided by the majority, so this majority at the box office comes from the box office receipts of a movie. That is, if a film earns more, then it is natural that it has entertained the audience better and it will be a good film. When the movie isn’t doing business, the exact opposite is taken for granted. Bad business means the movie is considered bad. But remember: many times the majority is visible even for the wrong things. These are the things of average understanding about the success and failure of cinema.

The funny and debatable thing about Nawaz’s statement is seen in considering the statement as his personal opinion and analysis. If you try to understand this statement by Nawaz in the South vs Bollywood debate, then great sources of the actor’s own concerns come into play. Then the scope of the debate seems to get bogged down in the superhero vs. hero debate rather than South vs. Bollywood. And its democratic structure is beginning to show signs of attack. After the success of the one against one coming from the south, many conclusions are coming to light. Another big takeaway from this is that the era of the comeback of superheroes in Indian cinema has begun again.

Once upon a time, Indian cinema rode on the shoulders of its larger than life heroes and progressed at a rapid pace in the direction of development. And the cycle continued in its place, but the rise of a new cinema in Bollywood almost killed it. A new cinema was born whose hero seemed very ordinary. He was about to lead everyday life. He had become too compromising and his behavior at work was completely normal. They can not only be called great human beings.

The change of cinema has also given many good things, it is a challenge to save them.

The greatest achievement of a fresh start in film was that it severely shattered established standards of success, entertainment, and being a hero. In this current, both mass cinema and class cinema were mixed with each other. When a new current was created, new possibilities were born. The scale of cinema became smaller, but the canvas of stories began to seem larger. Along with the new actors, other professionals also began to emerge. Films began to be made even at two or three million rupees. Not that they were commercial movies. Many of them set remarkable earnings records.

Above all, this current opened the closed doors of the cinema to potential actors, directors and writers and greatly widened the narrow streets. This current gave Bollywood an army of method actors. From the late Irrfan to Rajkumar Rao and Nawaz, many actors are included in this. Nawaz’s position is clearly visible on today’s date. He picks hundreds of new Bollywood movies from the last two decades and compares them to Baahubali, Pushpa, RRR or KGF 2.

What if movies like KGF 2 also start shooting in Bollywood?

Cinema made in the new Bollywood stream will look very small in terms of its scale. Nawazuddin’s concern is personal. He knows what the real consequences are going to be of the way the cinema of the South is being glorified. Producers make movies for profit. He will run to similar “superhuman” stories for huge profits and ostentation. Big banners, great directors, great writers and a great star at that, on whose single shoulder the weight of entire films will fall. For the heroine show and the beating of the villain. All the rest of the actors will be seen as filler only. Imagine if all the other movies start turning into RRR and KGF 2, what space are you looking at for newcomers like Nawazuddin?

Aside from Ramcharan, Jr NTR, Alia Bhatt, Ajay Devgan, SS Rajamouli, Yash, Sanjay Dutt, Raveena Tandon, and Prashanth Neel in movies like RRR and KGF 2, how many faces do people remember? Watch southern movies. You should ask people. Can you even imagine that a Sanjay Mishra who is over 50 years old in the South stream, Nawazuddin or Pankaj Tripathi who appears in a four second reel can also dream of becoming a hero?

When we look at this base, Nawaz’s point of view seems justified and the meaning of a movie’s success seems to be very different from its huge commercial numbers. One should never hesitate to admit that instead of earning a billion rupees from a single film, Bollywood has done a great job so far in promoting, deepening and changing the meaning of cinema. Those films that cannot earn 100-200 or 1000 crores in Indian cinema should also continue to explore their merits.

Who can understand better than Nawaz that after RRR and KGF 2 poisoned the film industries, the road will be rough for actors like him in the future.

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