Gilchrist pakarakkaranilla, England peaventenn Shah, BCCI patikkalum; Virat Kohli was not satisfied ?!

Head coach Chetan Sharma has ruled out replacing Shubhman Gill, who was injured before the England tour. Captain Virat Kohli and coach Ravi Shastri had called for starters to replace the team. But now the selection committee and the BCCI have decided not to accept this demand. He was ruled out of the match against the injured England. Mayank Agarwal will be the starter along with Rohit Sharma. If Mayankino Rohit can’t play for whatever reason, the team’s management will have a headache as they don’t have an experienced starter. Bengal’s Abhimanyu Ishwar is the only reserve starter.

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The Sri Lanka tour of England in the ayakkanamennayirunnu team asked the Prithvi team sayeyum devdatt patikkalineyum. But the selection court said there was no need for such a scheme. Abhimanyu pebble event. Abhimanyu has the opportunity to use it. According to the Times of India, the BCCI has decided not to send Prithviraj Shah and Devdutt Padikkal, who weren’t even on the potential 24-member team. KL Rahul was also considered for the test starter position. Rahul is more likely to play in the middle order.

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