girl dies from consuming biryani: The girl who ate biryani died; 40 people are in critical condition, 20 people are in hospital – a 10-year-old girl dies after consuming biryani at a hotel in tamil nadu’s tiruvannamalai


  • The girl who ate biryani from the hotel died.
  • Many sought treatment.
  • The government has ordered an investigation.

Chennai: A girl died after eating biryani in a hotel. The deceased has been identified as Loshini, 10, daughter of Anand, a resident of Laxmi Nagar. More than 20 people, including relatives who ate with the boy, sought treatment at the hospital. The incident took place in Arani in the Thiruvannamalai district of Tamil Nadu.

Loshini’s father, Anand (46), his wife Priyadarshani (40) and their eldest son, Sharan (14), were transferred to a private hospital in Vellore for specialized treatment. Forty people who ate from the same hotel had physical problems. Of these, 29 sought treatment at Arani Government Hospital, India Today reported. They reportedly returned home.

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Those who ate at the hotel near the Arani bus stop had health problems. Anand and his family ate biryani and a chicken dish. After returning home, she experienced vomiting and diarrhea and sought treatment at the Arani government hospital. Loshini, meanwhile, died of poor health.

The cause of the boy’s death has yet to be confirmed. Most of the people who ate at the hotel where Anand and his family ate suffered from physical problems and sought treatment at nearby public and private hospitals. Authorities said the health of many of them had improved.

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After the boy died after eating at the hotel and several others were admitted to the hospital, the Revenue Division Officer and the Deputy Superintendent of Police spoke with those in treatment and gathered information. The hotel was sealed as part of the investigation.

Food samples seized from the hotel were collected by the Food Safety Department for analysis. Hotel owner Amjad Basha, 32, and cook Muniandi, 35, were taken into police custody. The Minister of Food, R Chakraborty, has ordered the authorities to intensify inspections in hotels in the area to ensure quality. The government has ordered strict action to be taken if it is found to be providing spoiled food. The minister has also led a state-level inspection.

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