girl takes the exam wrapped in a curtain: officials say that the clothes do not come down; Student writes exam around curtain – 19 year old girl takes exam wrapped in curtain in sonitpur district of assam


  • Around the curtain, the girl entered the exam center.
  • Authorities say low-cut clothing will not be allowed.
  • The incident took place in the Sonitpur district of Assam.

Sonitpur: The girl entered the examination center after authorities refused to allow her to appear for the examination due to lack of clothing. The incident took place on September 15 in the Sonitpur district of Assam. Jubilee Tamooli, a 19-year-old student, took the entrance examination conducted by the Agricultural University of Assam.

The incident took place at the Girijananda Chaudhary Institute of Management Technology in Tezpur. The girl said there were no protests when she entered the campus where the exam was taking place. He entered the campus after conducting extensive inspections. When it was time for the exam, everyone came to the exam room. The admission card, the Aadhaar card and the photocopy of all the students were reviewed and brought to the hall. But that only sets me apart. The girl clarified that when asked why she was not allowed to enter the room despite having all the documents in her hand, she said that the dress was too short and that she would not be allowed to enter the exam room.

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The officers, who were not even willing to check the documents in their possession, saw that the problem was that he was wearing shorts. They were of the opinion that low-cut clothing could not be allowed. The girl said that when she was told that there were no clues related to the dress on the admission card and then how to know these things, the authorities said that she should know all this.

He asked the authorities if they could talk to his father about the problem, but they refused to talk to him. Authorities told him to tell his father to buy pants if he wanted to enter the exam room. His father went out to buy pants but couldn’t take the test for so long. Meanwhile, his classmates asked him to walk around the curtain and enter the exam room. The girl said that she had to accept the suggestion and take the test as there was no other way.

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According to India Today, the girl said it was the most humiliating moment of her life. “I do not understand the logic of the argument of the university authorities about what a woman should and should not wear.”

However, Girijananda Chaudhary, director of the Institute of Management Technology, said he was not present at the time of the incident. Abdul Bakki Ahmed said. “All the exams were conducted by the Assam Agricultural University. Classrooms and other technical and logistical facilities were provided for the exam. They used our campus as an exam place. The observers and proctors who came for the exam were from outside,” he said. .

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