Girls are fascinated by seeing the bandage on men’s stockings or by smelling their deodorant, right?

The entire advertising industry is hell-bent on convincing us that a woman is ready to go crazy after seeing 150 rupees worth of leggings. Seeing the man spraying deo, she can leave her partner and run away and is ready to kiss the unknown man who rubs the red color on the road. On the one hand, companies are changing their names because they are realizing that Indian society is now not fascinated by fair complexions alone. Some companies reversed the characters and caught the woman with a bat in the field, then the bearded man was shown eating chocolates sitting in the pavilion, but despite all this, the rot in the minds of companies that sell underwear and perfumes and the firms that make their ads are not finished.

Women are becoming officers, winning medals at the Olympics, becoming business owners, improving the future of their families by becoming housewives, but according to the ads, they only hide on the terrace to see the neighbor boy. walking around in underwear. . Even though these ads are made for entertainment, they are going to have a very negative effect on boys and girls ages 10-15.

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Ads like today’s keep kids away from them and if possible stay away from them too.

They are directly teaching the boys you study, the manners have gone to take oil, you just change your clothes and the girls will dance around you. They are teaching them that they don’t apply deodorant to remove body odor, they use it to impress a girl. They are fooling not only the youth of today, but also the next generation and teaching them to consider women only worthy.

The effects on the mentality of girls are more toxic than those of boys. These ads are directly convincing girls that they need to dress well for boys and be there for their needs at all times. These ads are teaching them to grow up with doubts and insecurity. What advertising companies did with condom advertising they are now doing with other advertisements.

The audience has not been told to this day that without using condoms, diseases like STIs, STDs that are fatal can also occur. He never told the audience that the mental confusion women and men go through after unwanted pregnancy, so it is necessary to use it in moderation.

He never showed the use of detention by relating it to the danger of the country’s growing population. All they did was idealize something that was useful in a physical activity, which generated more excitement in people’s minds, but their understanding of why it is necessary to buy that item could not be developed.

Keep children away from these advertisements and if possible stay away. Wear underwear however you like, apply perfume however you like, use toothpaste however you like … but always keep in mind that no woman will be attracted to these, whether you are Varun Dhawan or Vicky Kaushal Why not because no girl will really be interested in your dirty stockings.

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