Girls can’t speak pad and Nushrat Bharucha asks to keep the condom in the bag, how shameless is he?

Taking a condom whose name is also a sin for some people. Nushrat Bharucha says about him that ‘boy if you don’t buy condoms then girls keep condoms in their bags like sanitary napkins’. How is a girl going to buy condoms if she doesn’t buy sanitary pads? What will people say?

Nusrat is raising the issue of condoms these days through her movie “Janhit Mein Jaari”. She is raising awareness by distributing condoms. And so Nusrat has hit both the sanitary pad and the condom at once. Where a girl is declared characterless just for buying a condom, what will happen to a girl if she talks like that?

Women still ruin their health by having abortions, but is it fun to buy condoms?

Condoms… hey, what did you say? Speak slowly, someone will listen to you. Pad, are you too tall to talk? Even today, people are so afraid of these two words that they can’t even talk about sex. They tried to decorate it by adding the name education with sex so that people do not feel ashamed and can talk about it, although it was not possible.

Before the girls get married here, they tell her that she has to get up early in the morning after going to her in-laws’ house, cook and take care of everyone. She is not told that being intimate with her husband can be a problem. She is not told what to do to prevent pregnancy, what can be done to prevent any type of infection.

Nusrat Bharucha, in this movie, plays the character of a girl who is a vendor and sells condoms. No other girl works in the company she works for. That is why they have to face many problems. People make fun of him. People think that selling condoms is defamatory. The girl who sells condoms is judged and viewed with suspicion. As if she did dirty work, no condom, people consider her characterless.

People think that a girl who talks about condoms is dirty. When people don’t know how to speak pads, whoever talks to them about condoms will be called shameless, but she does the right thing. By the way, people who talk about sex also misunderstand, so they stop having sex? They all do the same thing but prove the person talking about it wrong.

According to the National Family Health Survey-5 (NFHS), 4 out of 10 women are sterilized to prevent unwanted pregnancies, while the number of men who are sterilized is negligible. By this very name, the fear of weakness, fame and illness begins to haunt them. According to the report, only 1 in 10 men use condoms. Now, in such a situation, talking about condoms would be shameless.

Not just in the movie, people also went to Nusrat in real life after playing this role and made fun of her. She had gone to promote the film. After which he was trolled. Although Nusrat doesn’t care about these things, he knows there’s nothing wrong with making people aware of condoms.

Even today, people remember sex as soon as they hear the name condom, that is, they see it only by connecting it with sex. Whereas its importance is more than this for women. Women can get rid of unwanted pregnancies by using condoms. They can protect against many kinds of dangerous infections and diseases.

Nusrat says there is a need to see condoms as protection rather than as a means of sex. If men do not use them, female condoms also come, women should keep them for their safety.

In the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) World Population Report 2022, it has been revealed that around 8 women die every day from abortion in India. At the same time, 67% of abortions would have been life-threatening. Men in many households do not care about women’s health. On the other hand, if many girls become pregnant before marriage, they silently abort due to the fear of their family members. Women can avoid this problem if men use condoms during sex.

Surprisingly, despite being so polite, people start to panic about the name condom. Even when she menstruated, that girl didn’t know anything. They told him this was a cover-up. About which children should not be told. Not even her father and her brother. Every time she had her period, she would quietly go to the medical store. She would wait for the moment when everyone would leave the store. She would then pronounce the pad under her breath, first the shopkeeper would look at it and then wrap it in old newspaper and store it in black polyethylene. Maybe that notebook is not a drug that should be hidden. Otherwise there will be disrespect in society.

Even today, girls continue to open up. They are beginning to know about these things. In today’s era there is YouTube. What happened in the past, even today the women of the house cannot tell it in this way. Even today, they shy away from each other in the name of their marriage.

There are many men who do not believe in the use of condoms. They associate it with their humiliation, as insult to insult. They consider it a sign of his weak masculinity. If the wife or girlfriend talks about condoms, then she is silenced by saying ‘Pagal ho kya…nothing will happen’. The result is that women do not know how many times they have to abort.

In fact, condoms are necessary for women, not for men. Many men have such a mentality that they will not be completely satisfied with the use of condoms, so they start giving birth control pills and emergency pills to their wives. These pills have a negative effect on women’s health. For those who curse condoms, if they die tomorrow, they die today…so even if women continue to ruin their health by having abortions, should they buy condoms for fun?

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