Glimpses of ‘Hollywood’ seen in Ayan Mukerji’s film

The curiosity that arose after the premiere of the teaser of the movie ‘Brahmastra’ has reached the sky after seeing the trailer. Now looking forward to the movie. Directed by Ayan Mukerji, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s film is based on Indian mythology in the modern world. Its characters belong to the modern age, but the story is inspired by mythological powers. The trailer for the movie is amazing and unimaginable. Surprising in the sense that for the first time in Bollywood a great film has been made on a Hollywood level. Unthinkable because it is unimaginable that even Bollywood can make such a film, which tries to create miracles at the level of history and technology.

There is no doubt that this movie will be successful at the box office, but if there is an all-India blockbuster like ‘RRR’ and ‘KGF’, then the real credit should go to the director of the movie, Ayan Mukerji. Ayan is to be commended, he has spent his youth making this film. Ayan, 38, has been working on this film for the last 13 years. That is, from the age of 25 he began to work on the film. In this, it has taken him five years just to make the film. His penance has been worth it. He has produced a world class film, in which VFX has been used very well with modern technology.

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Watch the trailer for the movie Brahmastra…

Shiva is the ‘Sikander of Brahmastra’s destiny’

“Water, Air, Fire. There are some of those powers among us since ancient times that are full of weapons. This is the story of the god of all these weapons, Brahmastra.” The 2 minute 51 second trailer begins with a strong voice from Amitabh Bachchan. In Bigby, through his voiceover, he introduces the characters and highlights the story of the film. After this, he is introduced to the main character of the movie Shiva, played by Ranbir Kapoor. Shiva has been described as the ‘Sikander of Brahmastra’s destiny’. Shiva is a cool man who enjoys life, but doesn’t know that he has divine powers. His girlfriend Isha (Alia Bhatt) freaks out seeing him play with fire.

The film’s dialogues will give you goosebumps

After this, a glimpse of Anish’s character, South superstar Nagarjuna Akkineni, is shown. When Nagarjuna, who looks aggressive in character as Anish, says, “Oh Nandi Astram Khand-Khand Kuru”, believe me, you get goosebumps. Anish’s character has been described in this way: “There are thousands of Nandis, even when darkness trembles with their arms, in whose hands is the strength of thousands of Nandis. Shivvahanay Vidmahe Tundaya Dhimahi, Tanno Nandi: Prachodayat.” This introduction is enough to show how powerful Nagarjuna’s character is. After this, he is introduced to the character of the Queen of Darkness, that is, Mouni Roy. Her main goal is to somehow destroy Brahmastra. To achieve this, she prepares an army of her own.

Shahrukh Khan surprise character

Shiva tells his girlfriend: “Something is happening in this world, Isha, some ancient powers, and she has some protectors.” His mentor, who is a teacher (Amitabh Bachchan), is seen guiding Shiva. The professor tells Shiva that he is a gun, that he has special powers. All these powers have been given to him to protect Brahmastra. Shiva tries to protect Brahmastra by following the path shown by the professor. With this, he is introduced to a surprise character. He is Shahrukh Khan who is Hanuman-Astra. In the modern age, he has become a scientist who knows the powers and secrets of Brahmastra. He protects him from the dark forces.

Great use of VFX

The trailer for ‘Brahmastra’ is enough to say that the best use of modern technology and visual effects has been made in the film. Movie scenes become attractive through VFX. With the help of this, scenes look as clear as if everything is happening in front of you. During filming, a scene is completely separated from the visual effects. That is, during live filming, exaggerating a little thing or imagining it to show something that can be believed. Over time, VFX technology has also modernized. Most Hollywood superhero movies are made using this technique. Ayan Mukerji has used it well in his movie.

The Chemistry of Ranbir-Alia

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia’s great chemistry can be seen in the film’s trailer. Everyone is familiar with the Ranbir-Alia relationship. The merit of their marriage also goes to the film Brahmastra. Both met during the filming of this film. Love happened and they got married before the premiere of the film. In such a situation, off-screen chemistry is also seen on screen. Along with the background score, the movie music also looks beautiful. Music composed by Pritam for the song written by Amitabh Bhattacharya. In the trailer, the song ‘Kesariya’ is moving in the voice of Arijit Singh. The dialogues are also great. The voices of Bigby, Ranbir Kapoor and Nagarjuna are causing havoc. The trailer for the film attests to its success.


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