Goa CM asks why the girls go out at night; The reaction followed the news of the gang rape.

Stand out:

  • The argument is that the government and the police are not responsible if children do not obey
  • The Chief Minister’s response was removed from the House records.
  • The controversial CM response came from an incident in which a minor was raped.

Panaji: Goa Prime Minister Manmohan Singh attacked two underage girls on Monday for allegedly harassing them on a Goa beach. Pramod Sawant said parents should introspect the late release of girls.

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“Parents should introspect when 14-year-old girls are on the beach all night. It is not the responsibility of the government or the police to disobey their children.” Said the CM.

Parents have the responsibility to ensure the safety of their children. The minister also instructed that minors in particular should not be released at night. The Speaker removed the reference to the Chief Minister from the House records.

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Last week, two minors were gang-raped by four men. The boys who were with the girls were beaten and maimed by the gang. One of the attackers was a government employee. Opposition groups called for the resignation of the accused prime minister.

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