God of Storm is coming to create panic at the worldwide box office, earning $300 Mn on the first day!

Armed with godlike powers, the Asgardian god of storms has set out to wreak havoc at the global box office. After Spiderman: No Way Home and Doctor Strange, Marvel Studios’ craze for Thor: Love And Thunder is growing in full view. It seems that everyone is looking forward to seeing it. ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ opens in almost every major cinematic territory in the world. In India too, the film reaches about 2,800 screens. In this way, the new Marvel movie becomes the third foreign film to be shown on the maximum number of screens in India.

It is estimated that there will be about 11,000 thousand shows in India on the first day. It is also discussed in trade circles that the number of screens the movie gets on weekdays may increase further and with this the exhibition will also increase. The pre-order report for Thor: Love and Thunder is also tremendous. Based on bookings, estimated box office figures for the film worldwide, including India, also began to be released on day one.

According to a report from “Deadline,” Thor: Love and Thunder could earn around $300 million on day one. In rupees, this figure is more than about 23 billion rupees. On this too, the $140-150 million collection is from the US alone. The remaining $150 million collection is expected to be collected in all regions of the world. India’s contribution in the collection of regions from the rest of the world is also going to be important. If the movie managed to earn $300 million on the first day, it would be an incredible record in terms of box office in itself. Thor: Love and Thunder is actually the sequel to the 2017 film Thor: Ragnarok and the fourth film in the Thor franchise. It stars Chris Hemsworth in the title role.

The fourth film in the Thor franchise is going to make earnings records around the world. In

How is Thor: Love and Thunder doing at the Indian box office?

In India too, the occupation of Thor: Love and Thunder is tremendous. More than 2800 screens have been found. There is no new movie at the box office in the party. According to a report by ‘Box Office India’, despite the non-holiday release, occupancy for the fourth film in the Thor franchise hovers around 40-45 percent. In business terms, this occupation will be considered excellent in all respects. In India, Thor: Love and Thunder is being dubbed and released in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada. Previously, Marvel’s Doctor Strange occupancy was also around 55 percent and the movie easily managed to earn over Rs 30 crore on the first day.

On this basis, Thor: Love and Thunder can earn more than Rs 20 crore on the first day in India at 40-45 percent occupancy. According to a report by ‘Pinkvilla’, for the first day, net advance bookings of around Rs 13.50 crore have been made across the country. Also counted in this is the contribution of Rs 4.50 crore net from the Northern Territory of India. If Thor: Love and Thunder wins close to the estimates, then this movie will be among the top five Hollywood movies with the highest opening in India. Anyway, except for select films like RRR, The Kashmir Files and KGF 2 in 2022, the box office of the rest of the Indian cinema films has not been very good. Thor’s profits can boost the business of theaters.

Thor: love and thunderThere is a worldwide craze for the new movie in the Thor franchise.

Thor will be listed among the top five movies that got the highest opening in India.

If you look at the top 10 India opening day movies, then it is mostly filled with Marvel superhero movies. At number one is Avengers Endgame, which achieved the highest opening record in India on the first day with 64.50 crore. Following this, respectively, Avengers: Infinity War (40.50 crores), Spiderman No Way Home (39.40 crores), Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (33.50 crores), Furious 7 (16.75 crores) , Captain Marvel (15.60 crores), Avengers : Age of Ultron (14.75 crores), The Jungle Book (14 crores), Fast and Furious Present Hobbes and Shaw (13.40 crores) and The Lion King ( 13.25 crore).

Marvel also dominates the top five films with the highest lifetime collections in India. Avengers Endgame, which came in the year 2019 at number one, ranks first by earning a total of 373.22 crores. After this, Avengers Infinity War (227.43 crores), Spider-Man No Way Home (218.41 crores), The Jungle Book (188 crores) and The Lion King (158.71 crores) occupy the top five respectively. Lifetime collection means the total net income from movies.

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