‘Going back’ to Nawazuddin village is interesting, deserted villages will find a way too!

The lockdown has come to the fore with many changes. Many people had the opportunity to return to their roots from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. After a long time, many people sat at home and quietly talked with relatives and relatives. You will find many people who have lived the old days turning back the needle of time a little. They are happy too. There are also some people in the film industry, to whom the confinement gave the opportunity to relive the old life. Among these, the biggest name is Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Due to the comfort he has received after spending a long time in the village, he now wants to stay here.

Nawazuddin belongs to a farming family in UP’s Budhana district. He is not seen continuously in Mumbai. However, this does not mean that you have taken a break from Bollywood. Acting is her passion and she also works continuously. The only difference is that their work from home became “work from home village”. In an interview, he shared many things about this. He told Spotboye that he is receiving a lot of comfort in the village.

He said: The best thing is that the Kovid epidemic has given me time to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Everything is quiet in my hometown Budhana. I cannot describe the peace I felt after coming here. You have to come and feel it yourself. Nawaz said he had arrived in the village when work in Mumbai stopped after closing. I thought that after staying with Mom for a few days, I would come back. But when there was no work there, he decided to stay in the town itself. Suddenly a year has passed. When asked if she’d like to work from Budhana, Nawaz said, “Why not? Actually, working at home is the new normal. As long as I’m not filming, I can do everything from here (Budhana) – Story sessions, storytelling in Zoom. It can even be copied. “

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What is the condition of the rapidly emptying villages?

Nawazuddin continues to visit his village of Budhana. They have also been seen working in the fields. It is impossible to say anything about whether he will work from the village or not. But in its history the paths of the difficult situation and the prosperity of the villages are hidden. Many changes can be seen due to people like Nawaz coming to or moving to the village. Perhaps the process of indiscriminate flight to the cities, which seems to be going to a terrifying level during the last 20 years, was also stopped. The old people used to go to the city alone in search of employment. His wife and children used to stay in the town itself. Now migrating with the family.

Village towns, facing resource shortages and unemployment, are continually emptied. The reality in all the towns is that now only children, the elderly and women are seen. In the houses few young people are seen, who have remained in the fields, barns, to supervise the elderly. If more people in the age group 25-50 are seen in the village houses, then understand that they are financially very wealthy, or very poor, or that people have returned home due to the holidays. How unfortunate that before there were no roads or electricity in the villages. But there were people. Now, little by little, roads and electricity have started to arrive, so there are no people.

How is ‘ghar wapsi’ like Nawaz a solution for villages?

Coming to the village as Nawaz can reduce the plight of the village. And its benefits are complete. Cities can also free themselves from the burden of people exceeding their capacity. Coming to the town of Nawaz simply means that the economy of the towns and cities should be better. move towards improvement. Call the attention of the electrical authorities to the necessary resources. Being in a place like Nawaz also means that all the political and social movements that surround it will grow. Noting law and order. Think of it in such a way that if a big face takes refuge temporarily in any backward area of ​​UP or Bihar. An area where there is no electricity, no water, and no good walking paths. All of these problems are solved somewhere with just two or three big face moves.

The machinery of the country only works like that. VIPs have their own importance. Unfortunately, it is true, but the reality is that the problem is not a problem until then and electrical establishments do not see it unless there is a big stir around it. The roads are built overnight for the convenience of the ministers who come for the inauguration. Holes are filled and cleaning is done. Electricity is continuously available. Why? The minister must not be disturbed. Even in the celebrity movement, the machinery fears that people will not pay attention to things that are not as they should have been. This fear in the government machinery regarding towns, cities or small towns is not just because there is not a big fuss, there is not a celebrity movement. This is the only philosophy behind making the biggest cities the most prosperous. There is a great leader, a great officer, a great businessman. And for these reasons, the largest city remains the most focused. The machinery keeps busy keeping resources under control.

Village heroes stay connected to their village only then is it okay

The author of these lines has traveled to different towns in the Western Ghats about a decade ago. There was a difference to notice. Some villages, cities seemed metropolises where all kinds of public resources were available. Roads, pucca lanes, drains, clean primary hospitals and public schools. Bank branches, ATMs. All kinds of better connectivity. Many times he felt that this is not a town but an elegant society of a metropolis. But there were also towns in which there were many inconveniences. And the reason behind this difference was very clear. Take a better look at those towns, which belonged to influential officials, MLAs or businessmen. Where some of the players came from. This was not the only thing in the villages that were in bad shape. He had no hero of his own.

The direct benefit of joining Nawaz village can also be understood from recent examples. In a Sohagpur assembly village in Madhya Pradesh, there was no proper road for years. People used to get home by passing through the swamps in the rain. The town also lacked streets to walk on. But at the Rio Olympics, a player from the same town, Vivek Sagar, was also on the hockey team. After the team won bronze, it didn’t take long to change the image of the town. Now the road is being built and the streets are covered in gleaming concrete. This change occurred just to avoid the embarrassment that when the player returned to the village, what would the whole world think after seeing the image of the Olympic village? This happened not only in Madhya Pradesh but in many other places.

The stars of the town should keep coming to the town. If possible, spend as much time as possible here. Their arrival and permanence can change the colors of the image and also darken.

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