Goodbye Raju Srivastava: You have shown that humor at its peak brings tears!

Laughing for a long time brings tears to my eyes. Comedian Raju Srivastava’s comedic journey reached the tragedy of death and turned into tears. He tested the philosophy of tears coming out of his eyes with laughter. A few days ago, the pretext of death attacked his heart, his mind fell into a state of unconsciousness, and then, after the fight from the gym to the fan, the comedy treasure was looted. In general, it is human nature that any professional generally wants to keep his profession away from his routine life. Raju Srivastava was an exception in this case. There was comedy in the tatters of him. There was comedy in his breath, there were jokes on his lips, he laughed at every story, at every talk, at every meeting. He was a comedy star, he was the chairman of the UP Film Development Council, he had a tall stature, but his demeanor reflected that of an ordinary man. The characters in his comedy were also country-town and middle-class.

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Comedian Raju Srivastava has said goodbye to the world, so fans are disappointed.

Raju, who belongs to Kanpur, the industrial city of Uttar Pradesh, fought a lot, but every fight was worth it. When he moved from Kanpur to Mumbai, he became a comedy star and moved from Kanpur to the capital Lucknow and attained the status of a minister. He got the responsibility for the development of the film from Yogi Sarkar. He had dreamed of a cinematic city in Uttar Pradesh, and then finally this dream was seen moving onto the path of reality.

Anyone who knows Raju Srivastava even once used to treat him like a friend. He used to meet Lucknow journalists and artists in a friendly manner. From when he was fighting, until now. From orchestra to extravagance, from Comedy Circus to Indian Laughter Champion, be it his growing identity and his growing stature. Whether they have become socialists or BJP. And then after we became the chairman of the Film Development Council, we kept meeting with him until the Film City announcement.

At every meeting, he used to behave like a cheerful friend. Sometimes it was difficult to talk to him about a serious subject. Once upon a time, he had become the chairman of the Film Development Council. It was also announced that it would become a movie town in UP. He had come from Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath at his 5KD official residence. What happened! In this, this question was asked earlier, he said that he had prepared a comedy piece especially to narrate Yogi ji. And when he told him this for the first time, he laughed a lot.

In the last meeting with Raju, some serious things happened to him. All the big names in the art sector of Lucknow and UP are not being included in the film city plan consultation, so these local celebrities are angry. Raju said that his discontent is justified, we will try to connect the distinguished artists, artists, writers of Lucknow and UP with the film city and his plan.

All these things have become the past. The comedy of this comedian will be remembered for centuries, but Raju will not be able to create anything new now. Death has put an end to the creation of him. But in the history of stand-up comedy in India, Raju Srivastava’s name will be at the forefront.

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