Grahan Review: Amid the shadow of unrest and political hatred, innocent love captivated the mind!

‘Apne ka sach kabhi kabhi pariya lagta hai’ … This dialogue from the ‘Grahan’ web series, released on the OTT Disney + Hotstar platform, tells its full story. The web series explores a truth that turns Rishi (Anshuman Pushkar) into Gurusevak (Pawan Malhotra), Chunnu into Sanjay Singh (Tikam Joshi), and keeps Amrita Singh’s (Zoya Hussain) entire life a liar. Behind the ‘eclipse’ of lies about this truth, an innocent love so shocking that it forces one to plunge into the ocean of love has also been shown. The beautiful music above has captivated the mind.

The novel ‘Chaurasi’ by author Satya Vyas was written about the anti-Sikh riots after Operation Blue Star in Punjab and the assassination of then-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. The story of the ‘Eclipse’ web series is also based on ‘Chaurasi’. There is no doubt that the story of the novel is excellent, but ‘Grahan’ screenwriters Anu Singh Chaudhary, Navjot Gulati, Vibha Singh and Prateek Payodhi have succeeded with their hard work. Between the political uproar and the investigation of the anti-Sikh riots, the sheer love story of two different time periods is shown in such a way that love seems to dominate throughout the web series.


At the center of the web series are an IPS policewoman Amrita Singh (Zoya Hussain) and her father Gursevak (Pavan Raj Malhotra). The whole story has been woven around the characters of these two. It begins in a very interesting and mysterious way. A correspondent for a television channel is assassinated. Ranchi’s SP City, Amrita Singh, who is investigating this murder case, arrests the murderers, but under political pressure, the DIG releases the culprits locked in jail. Honest and dedicated to her job, the Dabang Amrita officer resigns from her job after becoming frustrated with dark politics and the corrupt system. But the DIG explains. He puts him in charge of the SIT investigating the 1984 anti-Sikh riots. Elections are about to take place in Jharkhand and being upset with opposition leader Sanjay Singh, the state CM, the expert player in the political arena, get the file on this case reopened to surround it. They pressure the police to present evidence against Sanjay.

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DSP Vikas Mandal (Sahidur Rehman), who is assisting Amrita Singh on the team investigating the riots, is shown as a sharp officer with a unique track record of conducting all investigations on his behalf. DSP Vikas obtains an image of a troublemaker, which she sends to Amrita. As soon as Amrita sees that image, the ground slides under her feet. That photo is of no one else but his father Gursevak. After this, Amrita remembers her childhood. Remember that his father used to have a movie hero hairstyle in his youth, but then he changed his look completely. Amrita wants to go to her father and find out his truth, but Gursevak refuses to tell him anything despite thousands of efforts.

Gursevak remembers the days of his youth, when he used to work in a factory, then he was known as Rishi Ranjan. One day he meets a Sikh girl, Manu (Vamika Gabbi), to whom he gives his heart when he sees her. To get Manu’s love, they start living as tenants in his house. Meanwhile, Chunnu, the union leader of his factory, instigates everyone against the Sikhs after the assassination of then-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. incites them to riots. After this, the sage is shown setting fire and killing Sikhs, but is this incident true with his eyes? What is the secret that a father hiding in his chest is unable to tell the truth to his daughter? For the answers to these questions, you should watch the Disney Plus Hotstar web series from the OTT platform.


Although the story of ‘Ghan’ is based on the anti-Sikh riots of 1984, Prem Katha is its soul. Two different love stories are shown in two different time periods. The story of a lover-girlfriend like Rishi and Manu in 1984, and the love story of a father-daughter like Amrita and Gursevak in 2016. After seeing the innocence, tenderness and sweetness shown in both stories of love, Rome-Rom plunges into love. The extent to which a lover goes for his girlfriend, and what an officer’s daughter does for her elderly father guilty of riots, has been presented by Ranjan Chandel in an excellent way.


The melodious music has married an innocent love. Amit Trivedi has embellished the words of Varun Grover, which is sung by Asees Kaur and Shaheed Mallya with their own voice, whose echo is heard to the heart. When this song resonates in the background with exciting romantic scenes from Rishi and Manu, ‘O Jogiya Milan Ki Raah Kateli’, don’t ask me, the heart ignites. It seems that someone is very innocently pulling the wires of the mind. There is also a great song in this, Main Hoon Teri Parachhain … which was written and sung by Swanand Kirkire. Rishi-Manu’s love press can be considered the most amazing creation in this web series. Along with this, the selection of artists and the impressive interpretation of their characters have also been done well.


The effortless performance of newcomer Anshuman Pushkar has brought the character of Rishi Ranjan to life. It seems that his character has been coined just for him. Anshuman, who came into the limelight with the character of Rocky in the web series ‘Jamtara’ released on Netflix last year, proved himself to be a long racehorse with his natural performance in the SonyLIV web series ‘Kathmandu Connection’ this year. Her character Sunny Sharma in ‘Kathmandu Connection’ is so straightforward, straightforward and beautiful as a lover despite being a gangster, for whom any girl would die. His character in ‘Eclipse’ is so strong that it will also be effective for him in the future.

Actress Zoya Hussain is very strong in the role of IPS officer Amrita Singh. Zoya has been effective in the different lives of a tough police officer, a loving daughter of a father, and a girlfriend. She has many great opportunities to showcase her acting skills on the web series, which Zoya has not missed. Previously, he also appeared in the films ‘Mukkabaaz’ and ‘Lal Kaptaan’. Actor Pawan Malhotra, who has shown his great performance in movies like ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Salim Langde Pe Mat Ro’, looks amazing in the role of Gursevak on the web series. His silence also manages to say a lot.


Along with this, Vamika Gabbi as Rishi Ranjan’s girlfriend, Manjeet Chhabra aka Manu, Tikam Joshi as Sanjay Singh factory union leader aka Chunnu, Sahidur Rahman as DSP Vikas Mandal, and Satyakam Anand as CM Kedar Bhagat. He has acted splendidly. Each artist has captured the Bihar / Jharkhand accent and mannerism in their character. By the way, the true deserving of praise for this excellent web series is its director Ranjan Chandel, because without efficient direction, even great heroes have been seen as zero. It has presented the history of two time zones in a very fluid and beautiful way. Although Ranjan couldn’t make much of an impact on the movie ‘Bamfaad’ released on Zee5 last year, he has done the right thing in this web series. Overall, the web series should be seen to realize the innocent love between the shadow of the investigation of the anti-Sikh riots of 1984 and the political hatred of dark politics.

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