Grahan review: the only eclipse that will moisten your eyes

The story begins at the Ranchi train station, where a freelance journalist Santosh Jaiswal (Sridhar Dubey) has come to deliver a very important file to the children of a person named Usman, but the thugs also want to seize this file. In this Bhagam-Bhagam, Santosh has an accident and that file is burned. On the other hand, SP Amrita Singh (Zoya Hussain) investigates this case but at the same time fed up with the system, she has decided to leave this job. Third, the archives of the 1984 Bokaro riots are being reopened, the current CM Kedar Bhagat (Sathyakam Anand) elects only SP Amrita Singh to lead this investigation. In this regard, it is revealed that Amrita’s father Sardar Gursewak Singh (Pawan Malhotra) is actually Rishi Ranjan (Anshuman Pushkar) and was the leader of that riot. They had looted many shops and also provided weapons at the behest of union leader Sanjay Singh (Tikam Joshi).

The good thing about Eclipse is that it managed to live up to the theme it was designed for.

Simultaneously, a parallel flashback is also taking place in which Rishi and Manu, aka Manjeet Chhabra (Vamika Gabbi), are getting discouraged by each other. While the 2016 story is still a thriller, the flashbacks help lighten the romance and drama of 1984. Threaded into eight episodes, this series is definitely based on the famous Chaurasi novel by author Satya Vyas, but there is a lot in it that is it different from Chaurasi or should I write that Chaurasi has been added more.

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Director Ranjan Chandel seems to be struggling in the first two episodes, the direction seems to be lost, but gradually, from the third episode, the grip begins to build on the story and the eyes are fixed on the screen that is held in the palm. Speaking of writing, this work is mainly in the hands of Anusinh Chaudhary and Navjot Gulati, Vibha Singh and Prateek Payodhi are also present as support. Shailendra Jha is its creator and a lot of hard work from this great team has paid off.

If Chaurasi was a class novel, then the Eclipse script is an advantage. The management dives in some places, but the climax seems to be able to clear up all their complaints. Especially after watching the trailer, if questions arose in your mind that ‘everything was shown in the trailer itself,’ then rest assured that you didn’t see anything in the trailer.

Zoya Hussain, who leads the narrative of the performance, lacks many expressions. She seems utterly misfit in the role of a strong police superintendent. His scenes with Pawan Malhotra are still fine, but his energy is less visible while on the field. At the same time, Vamika Gabbi, who became Manu, looks very beautiful. His big eyes are seen speaking 90% of the dialogue. His delivery of dialogue, body language, everything is great. It can be said that Vamika is the best option for Manu.

Anshuman Pushkar’s look fits Rishi perfectly. His style of speaking in a Bhojpuri tone is also very good. He is absorbed in scenes of action and tragedy, but he also has a small group of expressions. Pawan Malhotra is the star actor of the series. Their expressions, their body language are incredible. Hardly anyone could have played Gursevak’s character better than him.

The delivery of dialogues by Sudhanv Deshpande, who became the DIG, and the dialogues written for him, are wonderful. They are usually seen talking while walking. Shahidur Rahman’s look, who became a DSP, his body language, and his way of speaking are great. On the other hand, Tikam Joshi, who became Sanjay Singh, also looks good in gray.

Abhinav Pateria’s comic rhythm is fantastic. In the end, his character transformation is astonishing, capable of wowing viewers. The music is by Amit Trivedi and Amit has given very beautiful and very melodious music as always. Also, the lyrics written by Varun Grover are also very good. The song ‘Jogia Re’ is very good.

The cinematography of Kamaljit Negi is magnificent, if we are talking about close-ups, then the close-ups and long shots of the same scene are shown so beautifully that the heart fills. Manu looking out the window and Rishi walking away is a great shot. Shah Mohammad is the editor of this series, he has made some very confusing scenes in the process of making them very interesting. In the first episode, the flow is broken many times due to editing.

Overall, Eclipse is such a web series that you will definitely like it if you see it as a story. But what happened in 1984, who was responsible, what were the flaws in whose religion; If you fall into the trap of this, you will be disappointed. This web series is not a historical document, but an entertainment medium, which is well done. Visible.

If you like this review, be sure to share it. Rating 7.5 out of 10.

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