Gulshan Kumar biopic can start at any time, suspense on the hero!

Gulshan Kumar, the founder of T-Series, is known for changing the face of Indian music. His story from struggle to success is very inspiring. T-Series had announced that they would make a big Mogul biopic about the interesting life of Gulshan Kumar. The announcement was made in the year 2018, long before the pandemic. But due to one reason or another, the movie couldn’t go on the floor until now. Every time one reason or another comes in the way of an obstacle. During the last few months, no update on the project was revealed either. However, now Bhushan Kumar has cleared up all the things in an interview. He said that Mogul is not a common project but a dream project for him and it will be done anyway.

Bhushan is the son of Gulshan Kumar and president of T-Series. He told Pinkvilla: People ask me questions about Mogul. But I’m not in a hurry to make the film. This is not a complete project for me. it’s a dream I can do it this year too, I can do it next year or even after three years. There is no set time limit for this. But I promise it will be done at the best time. We still have to decide the timeline of the shoot. Bhushan Kumar also revealed about Mogul’s delay.

Mogul is a biographical film of Gulshan Kumar.

He said: Mogul is forming. Aamir sir (Lal Singh Chaddha) movie was delayed due to delay. Aamir Khan is busy with Laal Singh Chaddha after Thugs of Hindostan. However, due to the Corona epidemic, there was a long delay in the making of Tom Hanks’ Bollywood remake of Forrest Gump. The film, which will be released this year, is not yet ready as a movie. Not only the pandemic, the MeToo campaign in Bollywood also affected Bhushan Kumar’s dream project. Mogul is being produced by writer-director Subhash Kapoor. He was accused on MeToo. After which Aamir distanced himself from the project. He was seen by many more people keeping a distance with Subhash Kapoor’s project. However, a few months later, Aamir also announced his association with the project.

Akshay was elected, the signing amount was returned

Aamir is associated as a producer with T-Series for Mogul. Although there is still the suspense over who will play the role of Gulshan Kumar in the film. As for the announcement of the project, Akshay Kumar’s name was revealed for the lead role. Akshay’s name was also featured in the announcement trailer for the role of Gulshan. But then there were reports that Akshay distanced himself from the project due to creative differences. The actor had also returned the amount of the signature. There was also a dispute between Akshay and T-Series on this issue. It was even said that Bhushan Kumar did not like Akshay’s attitude and talked about making a Mogul with a bigger star than Akshay.

akshay-650_022822073257.jpgAkshay Kumar.

Who plays the role of Gulshan Kumar then?

Bhushan’s choice for the role of Gulshan is undoubtedly Aamir Khan. However, Aamir Khan’s pawn face and height is similar to Gulshan Kumar’s. However, the actor is not in favor of playing the role of Gulshan Kumar. The reason for this came to light in some reports that there were many controversies about Gulshan in his personal life. Aamir does not want the actor’s name to be involved in any controversy for the role of him. By the way, in some reports, there has also been talk of Aamir playing a role. Not much can be said about playing Gulshan, but Aamir is part of Mogul as a producer. In a report quoting Insider from the Deccan Chronicle, Salman Khan was also said to play the role of Gulshan.

Later it also came to light that the feud between Akshay and T-Series is over and they can be part of Mogul again. Who will play the role of Gulshan Kumar, the mystery will remain a secret until the filming schedule comes out.

Gulshan Kumar is the name of the person who accomplished the impossible feat.

Gulshan Kumar can be remembered for many things. He started from scratch, but what he did in the field of music was nothing less than an example. He not only broke the monopoly of music companies like HMV by building the TSeries empire, but he also delivered dozens of unrivaled artists to the music world. The cheap T Series cassettes created quite a stir in the music industry. I don’t know how many singers became big stars just because of TSeries. Gulshan Kumar also made regional language artists a big face through the T series. Gulshan Kumar, born on May 5, 1956 in Delhi, was assassinated in the year 1997. The assassination took place in Mumbai and it was said that the Mumbai mafia world was behind it.

Many mysteries of Gulshan Kumar’s murder have yet to be uncovered. Many layers of his personal life have yet to be revealed. Since the biopic is still Gulshan’s family, hopefully a lot of information about Gulshan’s life will be made available to the audience through Mogul.

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