Guru Dutt: A distinguished filmmaker whose life was overshadowed by ‘mysterious’ death messages!

Success and failure are two sides of the same coin. How successful and how much we can fail depends on our efforts, hard work, and hard work. Perseverance and a positive attitude towards your work can climb the ladder of success even under adverse circumstances. That is why one should never be disappointed by failure, try continuously. These things are true and common, but there was probably no place for words like failure in veteran filmmaker, director, and actor Guru Dutt’s dictionary. His dear friend Devanand also used to say, “Guru could not tolerate failure.”

Guru Dutt is called the first Bollywood showman. He is also called ‘Orson Wells’ from India, who was a famous American actor, writer, director and producer. But Guru could not bear the rejection. He got the first rejection in his love. He loved Waheeda Rehman very much. He left his first love, wife and family for him. But Waheeda left him wanting to create his own independent identity. Guru was very devastated. He began to live in the lap of intoxication. Meanwhile, the movie ‘Kaagaz Ke Phool’ was rejected by the public. Guru Dutt suffered many financial losses. Together these two rejections drove him to death.

Filmmaker Guru Dutt, who made great movies, is called Bollywood’s first showman.

It is considered bad to talk about someone’s death on someone’s birthday, but what to do, when the story of someone’s death is more interesting and mysterious than the story of one’s life, then it is necessary to talk about it. Guru Dutt has the most distinctive position in Hindi cinema. He was a settled man and a settled filmmaker. It is used to present a commercial film as an art film. At that time, the success of his films was visible. His success story is more than one movie like ‘Kaagaz Ke Phool’, ‘Chaudhavi Ka Chand’, ‘Sahib, Biwi Aur Ghulam’, ‘Baji’, ‘Aar-Paar’, ‘Mr and Mrs 55’ and ‘CID’ . He says.

Real life character story

Guru Dutt was a great filmmaker. It used to feature real life characters on the big screen so easily that even viewers used to press their fingers under their teeth. Once upon a time, he went to Calcutta. He loved this city very much. He spent his childhood here. Going to Calcutta, I used to eat jhal folds while sitting on the lawn of Golgappa and Victoria Memorial. Once, while eating such a jhal, he saw a masseuse, wearing a charkha lungi and a strange cap, holding a bottle of oil in her hand and making a massaging sound. He greatly influenced the Guru. From there a character took shape. A special song was written for this character: ‘Sir jo tera chakraye ya dil dooba jaye, aaja pyare paas hamare kahe gharaye …’ This song was photographed on Johnny Walker.

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This scene from the movie ‘Pyaasa’ found on the spot

Similarly, in the early days of the movie ‘Pyaasa’, it was decided that the story of the movie would be based on Kotha. But there was only one problem: Guru Dutt never went to the place. But when he went to the place, he was surprised to see the scene there. A girl dancing in the kotha looked pregnant, but people made her dance. Guru Dutt got up when he saw this and asked his friends to leave. A thick bundle of banknotes, which had to contain at least one thousand rupees, he put there and went out. After this incident, Dutt said that I had a laugh scene for Sahir’s song and that song was, ‘Jinne Naaz Hai Hind Par Ho Kahan Hai’.

Married to Geeta Roy and meeting Waheeda

‘Pyasa’ is also the movie that Guru Dutt and Waheeda Rehman got close to while working. However, before this Guru was married to Geeta Roy. The famous reproduction singer Geeta Roy and Guru Dutt met for the first time on the sets of the film ‘Baaghi’. They both fell in love and got married after the affair. There were also three children. Meanwhile, Guru Dutt had come to a film festival in Hyderabad. There, his eyes fell on Waheeda Rehman. He used to work on movies in Telugu and Tamil. When Guru Dutt approached him and asked his name, he said, ‘My name is Waheeda.’ The Guru said, “You are Muslim, so you must have known both Urdu and Hindi.”

Geeta left home after seeing Waheeda-Guru’s relationship.

On this, Waheeda Rehman said that he knows both Hindi and Urdu very well. He wants to work on Hindi movies, but he hasn’t received any offers yet. After this, Guru Dutt offered him to work on the next movie ‘CID’. He was also looking for a new face for this movie. It was only after this movie that he made the movie ‘Pyaasa’ with Waheeda, in which they were both highly appreciated. ‘Pyaasa’ is one of the 100 best movies ever made in the world. Along with the movie, the love between the two also started to grow. When his wife Geeta found out about this, there was a lot of fighting between the two of them. Both began to live apart.

In this way Waheeda left Guru Dutt

Here, Waheeda Rehman also felt that she had become only Guru Dutt’s. She thought of making an identity separate from herself by stepping out of the shadow of the Guru and moving away from him forever. He didn’t even shoot the last scene of his latest movie ‘Kaagaz Ke Phool’ with Guru Dutt. The movie was somehow completed and released, but it flopped. In a way the movie failed, on the other hand, Mashuka’s departure, Guru couldn’t bear it. He started drinking heavily and smoking cigarettes. Being in the lap of drugs all the time became his habit. The distance between the wife and then the girlfriend had severely destroyed him.

Guru Dutt’s death: accident or suicide?

On October 9, 1964, Guru Dutt was on the set of the movie ‘Bahare Phir Bhi Aayegi’ with his brother Devi. He seemed perfectly healthy at the time. When one of the main stars canceled filming, they felt a bit upset as they had to change their plans for the next day because of it. After this, both brothers went to Colaba to shop on the set. Then in the evening he returned to Guru’s apartment located on Peder Road. There he lived alone. Only one servant lived with him. As usual that day, the Guru also drank alcohol. After that night, his wife called and asked to meet the girl, but Geeta refused, because it was too late at night.

‘Send my daughter or else you’ll see my dead face’

Enraged by Geeta, Guru Dutt was so upset that he told his wife, “Send the daughter or else you will see my dead face.” After this, he sent his brother Devi from there. After drinking alcohol late at night, he ate dinner and went to sleep. After this, the following day October 10, he was found dead in his room. This incident shocked the entire film industry. No one could believe how he could have died at 39. Some call it a suicide, while others call it a drug overdose. It is said that he had taken sleeping pills together with alcohol, for which he died. His sister Lalita Lajmi does not consider suicide.

‘Geeta used to doubt her husband Guru Dutt’

Guru Dutt’s younger sister Lalita Lajmi (mother of the late filmmaker Kalpana Lajmi) once said: “The problem with Guru’s wife, Geeta, was that she was a very possessive woman. He had a habit of doubting everything, so there used to be a quarrel between the two. A creative person like a director / actor works with many actresses. This is your business. In such a situation, the family and the wife must trust him. But Geeta used to doubt all the actresses who worked with Guru. If you keep asking a guy the same question all the time, he will eventually walk away from you. Whenever there was a fight between them, she used to go to her maternal home with the children. Guru used to fall into depression due to the departure of the children. However, he loved Geeta very much.

What was the result of Waheeda-Guru’s love?

Very few people know that what was the result of Guru Dutt and Waheeda Rehman’s love? Author Satya Saran has written about this in his book ‘A Decade with Guru Dutt’. Guru Dutt’s film ‘Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam’ was officially nominated for the Berlin Film Festival. Both Waheeda Rehman and Guru Dutt had attended this ceremony, but there was no conversation between the two. Waheeda had been taken out of his sight by the guru without knowing when. After the ceremony was over, Waheeda left for London.

Before moving to London, the film director Abrar Alvi, who was a very good friend of Guru, had given Waheeda the address of a great businessman there so that he could receive his help if he needed foreign exchange. When the Guru heard about this, he said to Abrar, ‘Is that why I introduced Gaurisaria that I should send him all the Air Gare Nathu Khaire for money?’ Abrar realized that the Guru had kindled his old and beautiful relationship with Waheeda.

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