Gusts of water in Himachal, heavy rains; Vehicles washed away by flash floods: video


  • Clouds in Himachal Pradesh
  • Flash floods after heavy rains
  • Massive damage in many places

Shimla: Heavy rains and floods hit Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh after a downpour. Scenes of vehicles moving in the flash flood appeared. Major damage was reported in the Bhagsu Nag area. Locals and officials in the area have shared several videos.

The 37-second video posted by the ANI news agency shows water running through the parking lot. The video also shows a truck floating in the water. According to the English news channel NDTV, the van did not get very far as it was parked in a vehicle parked at the bottom.

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Heavy rains have also disrupted life in the Kangra district. Kangra is a district located at a distance of 58 km from Dharmala. Bhagsu Nag, a tourist destination, was also seriously damaged. In many places, bridges and roads are flooded. Serious damage has also been reported to some hotels in Bhagsu Nag.

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Besides Kangra, several other districts also received heavy rains. Preliminary reports said the rains had temporarily subsided but caused extensive damage. A video shared by Amit Sahu on Twitter illustrates the extent of the floods. This video shows the scenes of the houses by the river. Traffic was reportedly disrupted in several areas.

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