Hardik Pandya can no longer be trusted, the former coach wants to nurture this star !!


  • Hardik Pandya is not currently an off-roader
  • Shardul Thakur should be polite
  • Sharan Deep Singh wants to find replacements

Former national coach Sharan Deep Singh has said the team needs to learn a lot from India’s defeat at the World Test Championship. His opinion is that Hardik Pandya can no longer be used as an all-rounder. Hardick’s full performance to balance the team was beneficial.

“It is not clear when Hardik will start bowling in all three formats. There is no point waiting any longer. India should develop one like Shardul Thakur, Shivam Dubey and Vijay Shankar,” Sharan Deep told PTI. Hardik, who has been offside for some time due to injury, is now focusing on hitting.

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He said he was surprised India didn’t change their game XI after the rain on the first day in the final against New Zealand. The situation announced by the Indian selection of two spinners was different. The New Zealanders played four pacemakers with a clear grasp of things. Shardul Thakur is the only Indian pacemaker to essentially beat. Sharan Deep recalled that he should have gotten a spot on the 15-member team.

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