hardik pandya: Why are you on the World Cup team? Selectors must respond; Gambhir openly !! – gautam gambhir is not happy with the inclusion of hardik pandya in the t20 world cup team


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As the IPL progresses, more and more criticism is being leveled against the India World Cup team. Former India starter Gautam Gambhir has faced the selectors. Gambhir’s question is why Hardik Pandya is on the team if he is not bowling. Pandya is the only fast bowler featured in the T20 World Cup team. Even though the Mumbai Indians are playing in the UAE, Pandya has not been thrown in a single match.

Gambhir said that not only was he not bowling, but Pandya’s poor form was also a problem. Pandya has not been in good shape for the last year. The player had to withdraw from the team due to injury. The player, who returned from injury, did not play much for the national team either. Pandya, who played in the series against Sri Lanka in July, is not in his previous form.

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Gambhir said the inclusion of Pandya would be a major setback if he did not bowl. If you want to play in the World Cup, you have to start training now. There is no better opportunity for that at the IPL. The World Cup is being held in the United Arab Emirates and Oman. Pandya, who plays in a single format, is currently considered in the World Cup team only as a batsman.

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“The biggest crisis in the batting lineup is Hardik Pandya. Pandya, who plays in only one format, hasn’t played many games as of late. He’s only played cue ball cricket. He hasn’t made a significant contribution in this one. anus.

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