hardik pandya – World Cup team starts; Hardik Pandya out, two players to replace: all-rounder hardik pandya could be eliminated from Indian t20 world cup team


  • Hardik out of the World Cup team?
  • If it is an off-road vehicle, Shardul will be considered
  • Shreyas Iyer is also likely

India’s team is likely to change for the T20 World Cup. It is reported that Hardik Pandya may be ruled out as he has not fully recovered from his injury but is unable to recover. Mumbai Indians star Pandya did not play in the first two IPL matches. He played in the third game but didn’t pitch. He also did not play with Pandya in the game against Punjab. The batter scored just three runs.

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The team’s management is not interested in including Pandya just as a hitter. Mumbai Indians bowling coach Shane Bond has said it will take Pandya some time to start bowling. Taking all of this together, Pandya is likely to be replaced by someone on the 15-man squad.

The cricket tables have until October 10 to make changes to the currently announced World Cup squad. The ICC had demanded that the team be announced before September 10.

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Announcing an SUV to replace Pandya will not be easy for India. Vijay Shankar and Shivam Dubey, who used to play like this, were all losers. Pacer Shardul Thakur is a player who is likely to be considered. The player was playing in good shape in the Trials. It would be beneficial to replace Shardul Pandya, who also excels at hitting. There are currently only three pacemakers in the 15-man team. Shardul is on the reserve line.

Shreyas Iyer, who is hitting in good shape in the IPL after recovering from injury, is another player with the potential to be part of the 15-man team. If the team has a batter, Shreyas will fill the spot.

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