harshvardhan patil: There are no questions now; Sleep in peace; BJP leader leaves Congress: sleeps soundly in BJP as no consultations, says harshvardhan patil


  • No consultation after joining BJP
  • In the BJP everything is peaceful
  • The answer is that you can sleep in peace.

Pune: A BJP leader who left Congress has said that he can sleep well after joining the BJP. Former MLA Congress Harshavardhan Patil has reacted after NCP President Sharad Pawar alleged that the Center was abusing CBI, NCB and ED.

Patil left Congress before the 2019 Maharashtra Assembly elections. Patil was a former member of the justice system from Pune Indapur.

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Patil was speaking at a public function in Mawal in Pune. A person sitting next to him on stage asked him why he had joined the BJP. I had to say I had to go to the BJP. In the BJP everything is easy and quiet. Patil said she was able to sleep soundly as there were no questions.

Sharad Pawar made the accusations at a press conference at the NCP headquarters in Mumbai.

Sharad Pawar said the Center’s conspiracy behind the ongoing raids in some places by the Enforcement Directorate and the Income Tax Department could be suspected.

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Sharad Pawar said he did not know why the IWC had raided the home of Maharashtra Interior Minister Anil Deshmukh five times. Sharad Pawar added that NCB’s foray into the luxury ship was to create the impression that they had done a great job.

The anti-narcotics cell of the Maharashtra Police anti-drug unit has seized more drugs than were raided by the OCN. Sharad Pawar has said that it is doubtful that KP Goswami, a wanted person in the Aryan Khan case, was a witness.

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