He did not even win an ICC title and failed to become an IPL champion; Former Pakistan Captain vs. Kohli!


  • Salman Bhatt says Kohli won’t be remembered if he doesn’t win trophies
  • Kohli has not won an ICC title or an IPL championship
  • India loses to New Zealand in ICC Test Championship final

New Delhi: The captaincy of India’s captain Virat Kohli has been shaken by his defeat at the World Test Championship. With many former players against Kohli’s performance, the possibility is emerging for Rohit Sharma to become the captain. Kohli has not won an ICC title since taking over as captain. India lost to New Zealand by 8 wickets. With this, India has been waiting for the ICC title for years.

Former Pakistan captain Salman Bhatt has finally faced Kohli. Bhatt said he won’t be remembered as a captain if he doesn’t win the title. You can be a good captain. There may also be good strategies. However, bowlers are frustrated with the implementation of the strategy. “People will only remember if they win the tournament,” he said.

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Sometimes you may not be a good captain. However, if the team has the best players, they can win the tournament. A good captain should definitely be able to win big tournaments. Virat Kohli has never won an ICC tournament. Nor could he win the IPL. Kohli is a good player.

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Kohli also has an energy that no one else has. Before the final of the World Trials Championship we heard that it was a fight between fire (Virat Kohli) and ice (Kane Williamson). It can be seen that those who approached the game calmly often won trophies. The same thing happened here. Butt noted that Kohli would also be celebrated if he won the trophies.

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