He had told his teammates before the game; Ishan Kishan says this is what happened on the first ball !!


  • Ishant Kishan hits a six on the first ball of his debut
  • On his 23rd birthday, he scored half a century in the first game
  • India wins first ODI against Sri Lanka

Colombo: In the first ODI against Sri Lanka, the young Indian players were remarkable. Rookies Ishant Kishan and Suryakumar Yadav put on a stellar hitting performance while another Prithviraj Shah opened the scoring. Ishant Kishan, who hit the first ball of his debut with a six, is now revealing this.

Kishan, who reached the fold after Prithviraj Shah’s impeachment, faced Dhananjaya De Silva for the first time in his career at ODI. Kishan came down from the area without showing the pressure of the first ball and hit the sixer with a beautiful shot. Kishan warned the bowlers to hit a limit on the next ball. He attacked all rival bowlers and scored 59 of 42 balls.

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Kishan became the 16th Indian to score half a century in his first ODI debut. The player is delighted to have made his ODI debut on his 23rd birthday and to have made it into the record books. Kishan revealed that he had already decided to hit a six from the first ball and told his teammates in the locker room.

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He had told everyone about it first. Wherever you throw the ball, it will hit six. Things were in their favor. The pitch helped the hitting. “My first ODI, my birthday, etc. were all positive,” Kishan said. Kishan returned after a 95-race partnership with Shikhar Dhawan. Chasing 262, India reached the goal with 80 balls to spare.

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