He is not interested in marriage; The woman called the police shortly before the moment; The wedding was canceled


  • The family is not interested in a confirmed marriage.
  • Just before the moment, the young woman called the police.
  • Finally, the marriage was annulled.

Nagpur: A young woman called the police just before the wedding and withdrew from the ceremony. The woman called the police and told them not to marry because she did not like the young man designated by the family. The wedding was scheduled to take place at a resort near Ramtek in Nagpur, Maharashtra. This is where the dramatic events took place.

The wedding was scheduled for 12 noon on Tuesday. The bride calls the police moments before the moment. The woman told police that she did not want to marry him because she was in love with someone else.

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The groom’s family was angry when they found out about the incident and had a verbal dispute with the girl’s family. Inspector Pramod Makeshwar and his team arrived at the scene and solved the problem. The two family members were then taken to the Ramtek station.

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After an argument at the station, the groom’s family decided not to marry. It was learned that the woman informed the family that she was not interested in the arranged marriage. According to the English-language news channel NDTV, an official said the girl had told her mother a week ago that the family did not want to marry the man of her choice.

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