His own car crashed when he hit a huge six, and the batter put his hand on his head.

London: There is no player who does not want to hit six. If the sixer hits the ground, the batter’s dexterity will increase. But what if the sixer crashes and breaks the windshield of your own car? This is the case with an amateur cricketer in England. The batter hit a six and broke his own car glass. The incident occurred yesterday during a match between St Mary’s Club and St. Peter’s Club in West Yorkshire. Ali hit a whopping six in the game. Ali, who was looking at the sixth happily, suddenly put his hand on his head and sat down on the court. Ali was watching the ball drop into his car and the glass broke on the field. Ali said after the game that he only noticed the car when the ball bounced. By then it was all over. The glass on the car’s windshield was broken. The player was really shocked. Also read: It has been a long time since I started playing for the club. To date, the car has not been parked inside the park. It was always parked outside. Ali said the first time the car was parked in the park, its glass broke. Ali is a taxi driver. This car was used. Club president Jeremy Rhodes promised to repair Ali’s car anyway. Ali is a player who works and plays for himself. Rhodes said he has scored many runs for the club.
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