Home delivery of expensive liquor to Shabana Azmi, a victim of online fraud

Main characteristics:

  • Shabana Azmi shopped online from a shop named Living Liquids.
  • Shabana Azmi had also made advance payment for this.
  • However, he could not get his goods and stopped calling the alleged number of the shop.

Mumbai: Veteran actress Shabana Azmi has become a victim of online fraud. On Thursday, Shabana took to Twitter to advise fans to stay away from cheating. Shabana said that she has been a victim of an online payment scam. He shopped online and paid in advance. Shabana placed some orders from a liquor shop. He shared the payment details of the order in a tweet and said that he is yet to receive the goods. Not only this, when he called on the alleged number of the shop, no one picked up the phone.

Sharing her harassment on Twitter, Shabana asked fans to beware of such scams. Shabana tweeted, ‘Warning, I have been a victim of fraud. I ordered #Living Liquidz. This has already been paid for, but the item has not yet been delivered. They have also stopped picking up my phone. I made the payment in Account No. 91917198427, IFSC-PYTM0123456. This is the Paytm bank account of Living Liquidz.

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After Shabana’s tweet, the case of cheating with her went viral. Fans and users started giving him advice. Mumbai’s Andheri Lokhandwala-Oshiwara Citizen Organization was among those users who first commented on Shabana’s tweet and tried to help her. The organization directed Shabana to file a complaint with the police.

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‘Madam, you have been robbed by thugs, not from this shop’
Commenting on Shabana’s tweet, the company wrote, ‘Madam, 99 percent of the number of liquor shops appearing on Google are wrong. Liquor liquids have not deceived you, but some simple thugs have robbed you. Please register a complaint with the police and raise awareness on this issue, as thousands of people’s hard-earned money has been looted.

One person said – 42 thousand have been lost in such a case.
At the same time, many users who responded to the tweet have shared their experiences of online fraud. One user wrote, “There are fake numbers/people in the name of Living Liquids, I am personally aware of 3 incidents of fraud from the same number in which Rs 42,000 was cheated.” Another user wrote. , “Is this a liquor shop scam, spread across Mumbai?”

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Will Shabana Azmi get her money back?
There is no new update from Shabana Azmi on this whole matter. He could not be reached for comment. It has to be seen what Shabana Azmi does now and will she get her money back.

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