Homecoming of Nirmal Pathak: the image of India on the ground!

‘Many years ago, there used to be a straw yard in the village. There lived separately two plates, a burbot, a bowl. There was a very large zamindari house, even today the fields are given in the batiya. Those who came to work at the house used to sit on a sack or on the covered ground. They would have been instructed to eat all the brown sugar given, ‘Let’s eat it later! There was simply no reason behind ‘Khai Laya’s’ sweet comments. He would wash the utensils given for drinking water. After a long time, I saw something like this, seeing that many blurred faces were seen peering through the eyes of time. If you belong to a village in East India, or have come to that village in your childhood and are still connected with the surroundings of that village, after watching Nirmal Pathak’s recent release of Ghar Wapsi on Sony Liv, you will get tired in some place. .

Sony Liv’s web series Nirmal Pathak’s Homecoming shows the layout of the villages very well

We have also seen all this. Why don’t we try to change anything? Can we change something? Or has something changed today? In recent years we have divided our own country into stripes and also its problems. To get rid of every problem, we would have some reason, some reason, some excuse, and if nothing else, it’s easier to call it a thing of the past. There are more excuses.

The problem of castism in society is certainly a thing of the past. Whether women should remain veiled or remain on the periphery of the home, when that is over it is now a matter of daughter-save, daughter-padhao or it will happen in other religions.

The woman must think: what is this, who has stopped it? Focus on girls’ education – Everyone now gives girls the freedom to study and get ahead. High and low, untouchability – it must have happened somewhere, but now it’s not common. Unemployment – Lakhs of lakhs of jobs are available every year.

All these problems were divided into different grooves as if they were many small ponds and each pond was covered by hyacinths. The problems are rotting inside the water, the pond water is being polluted and now the water inside the land is also being polluted, but if we see the greenness of the hyacinth.

Nirmal Pathak’s Homecoming is the story of how to remove the water hyacinth and bring this rotten water to light.

Neither the darkness of negativity, nor the extravagant dose of positivity. Whatever is in front of you. Nirmal Pathak’s Ghar Wapsi is exactly such a series that revolves around the story. Each character seems to be living that story. It is a complete puzzle in which each character fits perfectly and in the middle lies the story: the story of Nirmal Pathak.

The thought that came up in the first scene is that the writer is an amazing story. If anyone knows Rahul Pandey, please congratulate him. This series brings you into the scene before the voiceover, so that the deep things are said in a light-hearted way that can be discussed on a day-to-day basis. At first, the character laughs and says that here the young man is a barn, so the liars do all this to amuse his mind.

You know that Khalihar and all this means kidnapping, gun-katta dabangai! The people of the city may not understand, but the people of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar must have seen this oppression up close. Even today, the things that most men don’t even care about in households hit Nirmal. Why does only the woman of the house cry from four in the morning until late at night? Why don’t the men in the house drink even a glass of water? Why doesn’t anyone ask the woman ‘Have you eaten?’

Why do they send a girl in her third year of university to study at her in-laws’ house? That is why cooking and washing dishes is a greater virtue than her education. Why are the utensils that come to your house different? Why do those ceramic cups stay in a corner?

Why can’t you ‘people’ sit respectfully and eat in his company? Why is there so much confusion and everything is resolved from above.

Nirmal Pathak is the writer of the series! His spectacles of seeing the world are not blurry, he sees evil in evil, only right in right. That religious caste family could not see the evil and the good through the glasses of the people. The amazing thing is that so many things are woven into the story so seamlessly that you won’t feel weighed down for a single moment. I will not even give a glimpse of the story because it is our responsibility to watch it for such stories to be made.

It’s a matter of characters because experience speaks! The presence of experienced artists gives a different energy.

Pankaj Jha- A character that will annoy you, just like the uncle from the village who sees nothing against the respect of his Jawar people and his caste.

Vineet Kumar- Leader! What what! ‘If a person is not leftist before forty, then he lacks heart, and after forty, if he is leftist, then he lacks brain!’ In this left right you have included all the Indians of today.

santoshimaa – Oops, amazing reward! The character of the dark complexion of Alka Amin ji peeking through the veil, the sweet tongue of rough hands: the mother who revolves around the family. Mother saying ‘E family today hamar’. Why is the family everything to the mother but the mother is not everything to the family?

I bet you! You will also think about this. Waiting for the abandoned husband and also some affection for the other woman in her life and fascinated by her beauty, ‘Ketna Gorhar Badan’ inflicts wounds on the heart.

Calendula Bua, Reena, Nibha – daughters of the family Someone who laughs at past dreams is actually contributing to population growth. Someone is running away after giving up and one… Nibha – but he doesn’t mean anything, he just hopes that the next season will hold my heart. Daughters of the Hindustan of the village and also of the Hindustan of the city are expected. don’t lose your courage

Last but not on the list Vaibhav Tatvvadi You did it! Image with a boy next door and a cute smile! Seeing the four small children eating hot malpua, at one point the tears in his eyes filled with a smile and fascination with his payment.

Also Akash Makhija, that is, Aatish, the character who gives you hope and breaks hope. A change is expected in the small towns of the boys and girls of the new age, but the system takes them away by grabbing them like a dragon.

In the last two years, the stories that come in OTT have raised the hope that the movies and their stories will take us far, not to the star that shines in the sky, but to the earth. Bollywood has always tried to fill the void of good stories with expensive locations, flashy clothes, makeup and sexy macho heroines. Ek Tha Hero Ek Thi Heroine Ek Villain 4 songs in the name of the story and stars in the name of the characters!

The new filmmakers are hoping that we too can serve up a good series of movies with our basic realities and even the listeners have the brainpower to understand the artist apart from the star.

Note: The music of this series will awaken your heart for the happiness of the people… This series plundered hearts five times in five episodes!

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The characters of ‘Santoshi Maa’ and ‘Nibha’ in ‘Nirmal Pathak’s Ghar Wapsi’ are the reality of many daughters-in-law!

Remember that Pitt surrounded Angelina, not every man harassed by his wife has the same fate as Johnny Brother!

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