Hospitalized with liver disease; Rat bites during treatment; A 24-year-old dies in Mumbai

Mumbai – A 24-year-old man was bitten by a rat while receiving treatment at a government hospital in Maharashtra. A young man with liver disease was bitten by a rat while being treated in the ICU. The bite was near the eye. The young man, who was in critical condition due to liver disease, succumbed to his injuries on Wednesday. The incident took place at a hospital in Mumbai ‘s Ghatkopar. Mumbai Corporation officials have confirmed the young man’s death. The young man was admitted to the hospital with a serious liver ailment related to alcoholism. The patient was reported to be in critical condition at Rajavadi Hospital. The young man died on Wednesday.

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On Tuesday, one of the relatives reported that the young man had been bitten by a rat. The rat is alleged to have bit him near the eye. Mumbai Mayor Kishori said an investigation into the incident has been ordered. Hospital officials confirmed that the young man had been bitten by a rat. However, authorities said it did not affect the patient’s eye in any way. The young man was reportedly unconscious when he arrived at the hospital with a liver infection. Hospital officials said they had taken steps to prevent a repeat of the incident related to the rat attack at the hospital. The BJP has demonstrated in protest against the Shiv Sena, ruled by the Mumbai Corporation.

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