How did Doctor Strange earn more in one day than Heropanti 2, Runway 34 in one week?

Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, released in all major Indian languages, including Hindi English, has also done big business on day one in India. So much so that Heropanti 2 and Runway 34 became hard to beat even in one week. The superhero drama is showing on more than 2,500 screens and has made a terrific first day gross of Rs 27.50 crore. This is the biggest Hollywood opening in the year 2022. Not only Hollywood, but with movies like KGF 2, RRR and Valimai released in Indian languages, it also became one of the top five movies with the biggest box office opening this year. There are no Bollywood movies in the top five.

Although Doctor Strange, despite the best environment, all Hollywood movies, which are from the Marvel superhero universe, failed to break his record. Doctor Strange is at number four in terms of getting the best opening in Hollywood films released in India. Avengers Endgame (53.10 crores), which came in 2019 at number one, Spiderman: No Way Home (32.67 crores) in 2021 and Avengers Infinity War (31.30 crores) in 2018 at number three. The first day movie collection is the sum total of all the languages ​​in India. The good thing is that Doctor Strange had a great opening, but it didn’t do as much damage to KGF 2 (Hindi version) as expected.

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Doctor Strange.

Despite Doctor Strange, interest in KGF 2 hasn’t subsided

The audience’s interest in Yash’s KGF 2 has not yet subsided. Yash’s Hindi version of the film did a 3.85 crore trade on Friday, despite being in its fourth week. In this way, the Hindi version has made a business of over Rs 400 crore so far and has become the second film to earn Rs 400 crore in Hindi after Bahubali 2. Bollywood’s Runway 34 and Heropanti 2 , which came out a week ago, failed to stop KGF 2 in any way. Tiger Shroff and Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s Heropanti 2 earned just Rs 23.60 crore in one week and Ajay Devgan Amitabh Bachchan’s Runway 34 also earned just Rs 22.25 crore.

How much earning potential in Doctor Strange?

Due to the failure of both movies, the audience interested in Indian movies still see KGF 2 as a better option and it can be believed that even in the fourth week, the movie can easily gross more than 50 million rupees. While after Spider-Man No Way Home, Doctor Strange also seems to be moving forward to put out a nice collection for two weeks. At least the collection of the first day is being the same until now. Spiderman earned more than 200 million rupees. Doctor Strange also has the potential to earn over Rs 150 crore.

Overall, the effect of the increasingly strong Marvel movie on the Indian box office, especially in the Hindi regions, will be seen next week. There is no big Bollywood movie in front of Doctor Strange on the current Friday. Ranveer Singh’s Jayesh Bhai is vigorous next week. The direct meaning of Doctor Strange’s strengthening is that this movie will damage Jayesh Bhai in metropolitan cities. As far as the future of KGF 2 is concerned, it shows signs of staying in the running for a fifth week at a normal pace.

However, Yash’s film has shown its commercial potential and has made huge profits. If the movie doesn’t earn anything in week four, then it won’t make any difference. KGF 2 survival on the run is now for the record book only. If the normal pace of the film is maintained for five weeks, it can surely break the highest earning record of Rs 510.9 crore from Bahubali 2 (Hindi).

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