How did Pushpa win? Week after week movie screens are shrinking, Allu movies are up!

Allu Arjun’s Pushpa: The Rise looks like a ‘under the dog’ movie when you look at the business of movies released in recent years, especially in the wake of the two waves of pandemics. A movie that no one expected to earn more. Pushpa had arrived before Christmas on December 17. Besides Telugu, it was also dubbed and released in Hindi alongside Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada. Before launch, there wasn’t much noise about Pushpa outside the Telugu box office. Obviously, the promotion of the film cannot be better called in other languages.

In all trade reports, it was also feared that due to weak promotions, the film would suffer at the box office. Especially the Hindi box office where Allu Arjun had to prove himself for the first time. He had a mountain of challenges ahead of him. Ayushmann Khurrana’s Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui in theaters, the Marvel superhero movie Spiderman: No Way Home looked better. Exactly a week later there was another Pan-Indian film in the form of Ranveer Singh starring 83, the story of which is based on India’s first victory in the Cricket World Cup. Corona already had its own factors.

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Pushpa: the rise

Overall, the box office is as tough as the challenges a movie can face – everyone got like Sursa versus Pushpa. But. The movie had enough masala for the mass audience and after its release, it fiercely impressed the audience. In reality, the film was promoted by the public, which is called “word of mouth” or “good word of mouth” in the movie business. The criticism also comes from the mood of the audience. The film put out an astonishing collection on the first day at the Hindi box office and earned 3.31 million rupees. The film earned more than 2.25 a day in the second week, more than double during the week. Pushpa has earned more than 47 million rupees in two weeks.

The film has reached its third week on the last day of December 2021. Despite this, its speed still appears to be the same. That is, even in the third week, Pushpa is seen to earn money at her current speed. Looking at the star power of the movie, including Ranveer, and the number of over three thousand screens that got 83, there was a sharp decline in earnings from the sports drama after weekdays. This is the scene from the first week. The 83 theatrical viewership declined, but Pushpa’s viewership continued to come out in better numbers. Theaters also wouldn’t have expected Pushpa to win like this.

This is an accident in Hindi that happened because of Pushpa.

After a long time at the Hindi box office with Pushpa, another inconvenience happened. It rarely happens that a movie is released and with the passage of time the number of screens and shows increases with the passage of weeks. This sometimes happens when preparing very strong word of mouth for a movie. Theater exhibitors increase the number of screenings of a movie only after seeing a greater influx of audiences in theaters. Otherwise, consider the number of screens fixed. Film trade analyst Taran Adarsh ​​has shared an interesting Pushpa story.

He said the number of screens for the film appears to be increasing week by week. The Hindi version got 1401 screens at launch. In the second week, the number of screens increased to 1500. The screen has increased to 1600 in the third week. It is clear that the audience is constantly coming for Pushpa and by increasing the number of theater exhibitor screens, they are both seizing the opportunity to win in very poor condition. At the Telugu box office, Allu’s storm hasn’t ended after it started. After launch, Pushpa even beat Marvel’s Spider-Man, who seemed very strong. Pushpa has become the biggest movie of the year by earning more than 234 million rupees at the desi box office. From the way the collection is coming out now, the movie can make a record profit of over 300 million rupees in all languages.

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