How do online games like PUBG capture the minds of children?

In Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, a terrible incident in the wake of online gaming has shaken the entire country. Here a 16-year-old boy shot his mother to death for refusing to play PUBG. After this, for three days, he was locked inside the house with the corpse of his mother with his sister. During this, food was ordered online. Call friends at home and play games. When the mother’s body began to decompose, she called his father and informed him of the matter. In this way, when this horrible incident came to light, everyone was stunned. The ground also slipped under the feet of the police. How can an innocent child be so cruel? What is the reason that children who play games like PUBG often become violent? Are people who refuse to play considered their enemies? This Lucknow incident is a lesson for all of us.

The heartbreaking incident in Lucknow forces online gaming to think again.

Nowadays, children become compatible with mobile devices when they are born. Parents are also sometimes so burdened with their responsibilities that they cannot take care of any bad habits that grow within their child. If both parents are working, the risk is even higher. The mobile is used from persuading the child to feeding it. Gradually children become addicted to mobile. With age, a child who listens to rhymes like “Nani teri morni ko mor le gaya” on mobile falls prey to online games like PUBG. So from here begins the game of occupation of children’s minds. Under the guise of this game, such a ‘game’ happens with his mind that the family does not even realize it and the ‘game’ happens with the child. Due to this addiction, the child becomes ill. The WHO has classified this disease as a gambling disorder.

How do online games affect children’s brains? Under what circumstances do such addictions occur? How to know if a child has an addiction? What can be the symptoms? If someone becomes addicted, how will treatment be done? Working at Medanta Hospital in response to these questions Senior psychiatrist Dr. Shantanu Gupta says That online games like pubg are like addictive. Its victims are very difficult to improve their habit. This is a big obstacle in the development of children. If parents recognize their children’s symptoms at the right time, then their treatment is possible. For this, it is necessary to take care of the child’s routine. If there is any change in your behavior and habit, then it should be analyzed. If the child is seen carrying a mobile in his hand all the time, then understand that she is in the clutches of games. If so, her nature will also start to seem aggressive. If you tell him to quit the game, he will take out his anger on you. he will start screaming. If the child is small, he will cry. Many times the victims of this addiction are left alone in their world. The outside world means nothing to them. They begin to think of the game world as their world. They are inspired to use the weapons shown on it. If you accidentally get a gun in your hand, then you will pull its trigger.

Now the big question here is if the child becomes a victim of online gaming addiction then how to get out of it? To do this, the first thing to do is spend more and more time with your children. If the child is in his teens, then you can talk to him about his school, friends, etc. By discussing a topic, one can draw his mind to it. If the child is small then you can play with him. By teaching him new physical games, you can entertain his mind. Sometimes the children’s condition worsens. It becomes difficult to control them at home. In such a situation, children should be taken to a good doctor immediately. With the help of it, the children’s habit can be gradually improved. Last but not least, parents can be role models for all children. Children can be inspired by bringing change within themselves. At present, a large number of children are becoming mentally ill due to cell phones. It deserves to be taken seriously.

The online gaming industry in India is growing fast. It has also benefited from the lockdown imposed due to Corona last year. During the year 2019, the online gaming industry grew at a rate of 40 percent. Its annual revenue has reached Rs 6,500 crore. By the end of the year 2022, it is expected to increase almost threefold to Rs 18.7 billion. The number of people playing online games was just 25 million in the year 2010, which has now increased 14-fold to more than 360 million. Looking at this growth rate, it can be estimated how much the craze for online gaming is among the people. According to the Mobile and Internet Association of India, 40 percent of hardcore gamers in India pay an average of Rs 230 per month. Other than this, there has been a 50 percent increase in mobile app downloads related to gaming. User engagement has also increased by 20 percent.

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