How does Rajamouli make great movies like Bahubali? Sneak peek of RRR creation video

SS Rajamouli is known for making great movies in Indian cinema. Through Baahubali: The Beginning and Baahubali: The Conclusion, he gave a new dimension to cinematic greatness and overturned all established notions. It goes without saying how both films are told in film history. Rajamouli comes up with another great period drama, RRR, after the Bahubali series. This is the movie that audiences in many languages ​​have been waiting for for a long time. Now the RRR creation video has appeared, not only showing glimpses of the film, but also showing what levels and preparations have been made for the project.

First watch the RRR creation video: –

What’s in the video?

RRR processing is seen on many levels in making videos of about a minute and a half. It starts with the big movie set. It is clearly visible how Rajamouli prepares with the crew before and during filming. Everything has a design. In the paintings, the scenes are seen according to the script. The mannequin of the set is manufactured according to need. Later, identical assemblies are manufactured. Rajamouli designed indoor and outdoor sets for RRR. He is seen talking to different people associated with the project. The life of Rajamouli movies are real pictures. In the video you can see what level you can go to get the best images. There is also a glimpse of how effective night footage from movies is shot.

Rajamouli is not only considered the best storyteller beyond languages. Take great care of every detail, what to say? No matter how much preparation you do before filming, you do the same work later. Choose the story, cast the stars, set, design, work on the costumes and prepare the action sequences with impunity. Rajamouli’s work behind the camera is magnificent. The life of the period drama is the real images and Rajamouli does not seem to be missing in it. In fact, RRR video making is nothing less than a classroom for film students.

Also shown is Ajay Devgan-Alia Bhatt’s first look

Ajay Devgan and Alia Bhatt also saw the epic action packed with massive power for the first time. Along with this, the film’s main protagonist Ram Charan Teja and Jr NTR are also seen in a tremendous action avatar. Rajamouli has outlined the pre-independence era to make RRR realistic. Many action sequences look amazing. There is no doubt that the public can see another great movie like Bahubali.

Whose history is RRR?

RRR is the story of two freedom fighters Komaram Bheem and Alluri Sitaramaraju. Both freedom fighters led the rebellion and fight against the British in the 1920s. Ramcharan Teja and Jr NTR are in the role of freedom fighters. Ajay Devgan is also reportedly in the role of a thief who helped in the fight against the British. Many foreign actors have also been cast in the film. Along with this, many people from different industries have come together to make the Rajamouli project great.

The budget for the big movie is also great, earnings even before the premiere.

Based on the scale RRR is being built on, your budget is there too. The cost of the project is reportedly around Rs 350-400 million. However, Rajamouli’s film, which made a record at the box office through Bahubali, is already showing earnings even before its release. Manufacturers are making huge profits by selling all the RRR rights separately. Some time ago there was a report that by selling all the rights to the film, the producers would earn around 800 million rupees. Zee had spent around 325 million rupees alone on satellite rights for all languages.

If all goes well, then RRR will come to create a panic at the box office on Dussehra weekend.

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