How far will the fight for supremacy in Bhojpuri cinema go?

The Bhojpuri film industry has been famous for its raunchy songs and movies until now, but now the battle of ego and supremacy among the actors has reached its peak. Alam is that the fans of Pawan Singh and Khesari Lal Yadav, who spoke against each other before, have also jumped into this war. In a video that went viral on social media, a man is seen saying abusive words about Khesari Lal Yadav, describing himself as a fan of Bhojpuri singer Pawan Singh. Not only that, he abuses Khesari and says that he will force him to sell Litti Chokha again. After this, crossing his limits, he speaks ill of Khesari’s wife and daughter. After this video went viral, Khesari appealed to Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and the police to take legal action against the man.

Sharing that person’s video on Twitter, Khesari Lal Yadav wrote: “If something bad happens to any member of my family, then the Bihar policemen will be responsible for you. Threats are being made for making this shameless video. The law and The order of Bihar have been mortgaged into the hands of thugs, right the Chief Minister? He has written: “I request Nitish Kumar ji and the Bihar police to take action against this mentally disturbed and poisonous person. Not only abusing but also threatening my wife and daughter with rape. I hope that justice is done and strict measures are taken against such toxic people. Your Khesari”. Many people on social media have expressed their discontent after seeing this video.

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Pawan Singh and Khesari Lal Yadav fans also joined the war with him.

Rape activist Yogita Bhayana wrote on Twitter: “Why do women get attacked all the time? Opposing obscenity, but giving someone’s mother and sister such dirty streets shows bad thinking. Bihar and Nitish Kumar ji must take action. On this, Khesari gave his reply and wrote, “Yogita ji, being forced to cross all boundaries, I have to plead with the government. I am sure that action will be taken soon. According to the information, the person who spoke abusively about Khesari is a YouTuber, who has his own channel called Magadhi Jawan. His name is Gautam Singh. He had said these things live on his channel, in which many people associated with him. Some of them were Pawan Singh supporters like him, and some were also Khesari supporters. From Gautam’s language and speaking style, it appears that he is intoxicated.

The dispute between Pawan and Khesari is not new. The two have openly clashed many times. In the last month of last year, there was a fierce fight between the two. At that time, a video of Khesari went viral, in which he is seen insulting new artists in the Bhojpuri industry. This video was shared by singer Ritesh Pandey. Ritesh Pandey had written: “Whoa, what language is your Pramod Premi in? Ritesh, Kallu and Samar Singh status is no more than 5 lakhs, so which house does it run for? Do you see your youngest from this point Your mentality is very bad. So much arrogance is not right. Meanwhile, during a stage show in Patna, Pawan Singh had fiercely attacked Khesari without mentioning his name. He had said, “Someone is coming here, someone goes there, who wants to go, we have come there after doing a job. Such people cannot even imagine where Pawan Singh will sing. Some people live in the air and sing songs anywhere in 5 thousand.” Reversing Pawan, Khesari said: “Stand up, make Bhojpuri big. Those who I used to consider so great, have a problem with my name. One should stay on stage with a good heart, one should not go after drinking alcohol. Being drunk is not good. Some people feel that the world runs on the lines drawn by them, while these people are under the illusion.

Currently, the Bhojpuri film industry is in its worst phase. There are many porn movies and songs. With the help of digital revenue, the artists’ earnings increased, but Bhojpuri’s box office collapsed completely. Despite this, the battle of egos between artists like Pawan Singh and Khesari Lal Yadav is raging. Along with him, people in the film industry have also divided into two groups. Some repressed languages ​​and others openly post their own videos in support of them. Some anonymous artists are making a name for themselves by joining this controversy. By the way, Pawan and Khesari have made a lot of money from Bhojpuri movies and songs in a very short time. According to Wikipedia, Pawan-Khesari’s age is only 35 years old. While at this age, Pawan Singh’s net worth is around Rs 32-35 crore. He is the most expensive singer in Bhojpuri, charging up to 5 lakh rupees for a song. At the same time, Khesari Lal Yadav’s net worth is Rs 12-15 crore. He charges up to Rs 50 lakh for a Bhojpuri movie. Songs win separately.

(Click here to see the controversial video) Clickcontains lewd abuse therefore not embedded)

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