How long will Anupama keep crying, why is she still ‘poor’ even after getting divorced?

Anupama is no longer interested in any submissions, but people are now complaining about this series. A woman with a sad face saddened all the women in the house, cried, laughed with her and gave her the courage to go on. The housewives supported her when she was trying to become a strong woman from the poor and poor woman, but now she is not happy with her story of the women who like Anupama. Although ‘Anupama’ has secured the number one spot this week in the TRP race. This popular show remains at number one with a rating of 3.9. Maybe these people like Anupama just cry, but there is also some problem…

Why does the pain never end?

In fact, the people of India bow their heads in front of only three people, the Mother Goddess, her mother and Anupama… After Tulsi, the woman who swells the most is Anupama. Hey Anupama life is sad that does not bear the name of the end. She solves the misery of one member of the house, while the other gets into trouble. Now this drama has started to play a little too much. When Anuj came into his life, people felt that something was right. Their friendship turned into love, but still they stayed there because Anupama has to take care of the life of Anuj’s sister Malvika first.

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Listen, what is the complaint of those who watch Anupama now?

Soni, a fan of Anupama’s show, says that Anupama continued to grind in her family for 25 years of marriage. Why does he keep falling in love with her even after the divorce? Why doesn’t he leave Vanraj altogether? What woman in real life would like to see the face of an ex-husband who has harassed her so much? Why is he clinging to Vanraj’s problems? Every moment comes around you. Now he should leave Vanraj and his family and think about himself.

Rashmi says that this teenage romance and the background song of Anupama and Anuj at one time is not digested. It can really only happen in the imagination. This is not possible in real life. I don’t know what has happened to the writer now. The story drags along, stopping at one place. Now I too have started to feel bored.

A woman has already captured the TRP beating men crying and causing tension.

Lily says that since Mukku arrived, the course of history has changed. Vanraj first left Anupama, now he wants to divorce Kavya for money. Which means that the trust in the relationship must be lost in this way. If Anupama had lived alone. If I had progressed in my life, I would have understood something and inspired other women, but now everything has turned to molasses. I’ve stopped looking now.

Piya says that apart from the members of these houses, there is no scene anywhere else these days. Only family members continue to make tamasha in the house at each festival. keep fighting. Suddenly he gets angry and suddenly starts dancing. From real life, women used to be associated with Anupama. Many have also become addicted to seeing husbands and even fought, but now what is shown goes over the head. Can’t you understand what Anupam wants? Sometimes poetry is right.

By the way, the amount of change that has occurred in Anupama will not occur in your lifetime, sisters. Fight with your husband by decorating Anupama’s dream but don’t lose your identity as a husband. Rupali Ganguly has won the hearts of people with her performance. After all, a woman already captured the TRP, beating up men crying and giving tension, there is something to be said for that.

Now people have understood that we are not going to have the time that Anupama has. Mane, the husband brought sautan, the mother-in-law did not like it, the children did not ask, the neighbors did not give expressions, but Anupama has to live among all, but why?

There are so many ups and downs in Anupama’s life, brother in whose life do they come from? So sisters, now stop looking at yourself in Anupama and make your way into the world of reality.

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