How many more “blame” will Nusrat Jahan commit?

Actress and TMC MP Nusrat Jahan has once again become a topic of discussion with the birth of a child. He is also being trolled with the compliments he receives from all over the place. People worry that the father of their child will leave his business. They are waiting for the moment when they find out about the father of Nusrat’s son. Although many things have already come to the fore before this.

Although becoming a mother is the most special moment for any woman, the Bengali actress Nusrat is also being teased with good wishes. Actually, Nusrat Jahan was born in a private hospital located on Park Street in Kolkata. Since then, only one question has been raised in people’s minds: who is the father of the child. Many users also questioned TMC MP Nusrat about this. Although she has already said that she will remain a single mother and will not reveal the name of the child’s father.

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Nusrat Jahan has been welcomed by a single mother from Kolkata.

Since the girl’s birth, people have started talking about her broken marriage, divorce, and relationship with actor Yash Dasgupta. That was also said.

Despite all this, ex-husband Nikhil Jain has forgotten all the differences and wished Nusrat Jahan and wrote that “I wish him a good life.” May God bless the child bring a lot of happiness in his life. My differences and your differences cannot prevent me from congratulating you on the birth of a newborn baby. I want her to be happy, for the baby to be super healthy and for her future to be very bright.

Earlier, when the news of Nusrat Jahan’s pregnancy came to light, Nikhil Jain had refused to adopt this child. He said that Nusrat was living apart from the year 2020.

At the same time, now that Nusrat has named her son Ishaan, people have started to speculate whether this son is Yash’s. Many users are questioning Nusrat after hearing the boy’s name. People think the boy’s name matches Yash. That is why now Nusrat Jahan is being trolled by the name of the boy’s father. Many users say that this child could be from actor Yash Dasgupta as he was present at the hospital at the time of Nusrat’s delivery. While Nusrat and Yash Dasgupta were seen together in Jaipur and Ajmer Dargah Sharif.

However, Nusrat Jahan has been welcomed by a single mother from Kolkata. At the same time, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee also congratulated Nusrat on social media for the child. Apart from this, Yash Dasgupta shared a post on his social media after the child was born and said that both Nusrat and the child are fine.

Now Nusrat may have said that she will not reveal the name of the child’s father, but this question will not leave her behind at every step, tomorrow this question will also worry her child … This is the thought of society that is so easy to change , not there.

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