How much does Kapil Sharma charge for his comedy show? They’re the Amitabh-Akshay of the small screen

Stardom is a fun thing. There may be problems or challenges with him, but his fun is unmatched. Stardom comes to the people and when it comes to fate, Kapil Sharma has hardly any competition with anyone. Yes. For this, Kapil began his film career with comedy and it has been this destiny that has led Kapil to the point of stardom in addition to many conflicts and controversies. Kapil’s struggles will not be mentioned either. Nor are we going to make any controversy related to them a topic.

It’s about the fare that has once again brought Kapil into the spotlight for ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ season 3. The third season of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, which is one of the most popular television shows on the small screen, will air in July, which is why Kapil has greatly increased its rates. Kapil, who made billions in the last two seasons, is said to make millions of rupees in season three.

If Kapil is charging millions of fees, then he is quadrupling the hard work behind it.

You might be surprised to learn that Kapil Sharma, who used to take Rs 30 lakhs per episode for this show until last season, will now take an episode in Season 3 for Rs 50 lakhs. Note that The Kapil Sharma Show is broadcast on TV during the weekend and based on Rs 50 lakhs its rate has been converted to Rs 1 crore a week. Although an official statement on the matter has not yet arrived, there is no room for doubt in saying that since there is demand and fees, Kapil’s performance on the small screen is similar to that of Shahrukh, Akshay, Amitabh and Salman in the big screen. .It is.

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Why do we say this? We have good reasons behind why the big screen and Kapil are getting where Shah Rukh, Akshay, Amitabh and Salman are compared to the small screen.

Kapil himself has established this flame

As we have already reported that Kapil started his career as a comedian. Tell yourself, was it easy for a comedian to get to where Kapil is today? Critics may call Kapil’s comedy sloppy and obscene, but we also have to understand that Kapil is one of those few artists who not only took the audience’s pulse in time, but also served up what the audience demanded.

Kapil’s comedy is not for him but for the audience.

If Kapil is mentioned and his experiments are not discussed, then the whole topic is incomplete. As we have already mentioned before, Kapil is one of those comedians who have taken the pulse of the public. That is why the comedy he did was not only for him but for the public. In such a situation, it is not wrong to say that if Kapil is setting new standards for success with each passing day, then a big reason for it is his dedication to work. That is to say, whether it be fees or success, only he has the right in everything related to Kapil.

It has become a guarantee of success

To understand this, once again we have to resort to the fees charged by Kapil. If Kapil, who charged 1 crore for two episodes of The Kapil Sharma Season 3, is taking that much money, then somewhere he is aware that if he is charging that much money then he can give 10 times more profit to the producers.

That is, those who have invested money in Kapil and his program, Kapil is seen giving them full guarantee of success. This is similar to what we have seen with Shahrukh, Amitabh in all the movies. Kapil is also selling his name in the same way that all the big stars have sold it.

Significantly, Kapil Sharma is the number one comedian in the country today, who is unrivaled by anyone. Wherever Kapil is today, he is alone and it is wonderful in itself that he is challenging his rivals by hitting beats, but no one is getting ahead of his competition. The theme is comedy series, so as all other shows have proven to be dwarfs in the face of Kapil’s show, this in itself confirms his stardom.

Since Kapil himself is the measure of success, his fees should come as no surprise. The way Kapil is raising new flags of success on the small screen yesterday as the big stars tomorrow, it should come as no surprise if we see producers fighting for dates on their doorstep.

However, we have talked about stardom, at the same time we have also said that its challenges and problems are different. As a successful comedian, Kapil is increasing his fees, but he must also be careful not to compromise on quality at all costs. Quality is Kapil’s USP, that’s what has given Kapil an identity as an artist. The day they made a pact, their hearts would break.

Well the problem is acting and fees rather than acting. So Kapil has kept up with those stars whose standing is the measure of making the film a success. There are rare stars like Kapil who come from small towns, but based on their skill, they get to work and after that the world bows and greets them.

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