How SS Rajamouli became the highly successful director of Hindustan, please know…

RRR movie is doing amazing. Win bumpers at the box office. Made on a budget of Rs 550 crore, this film was released on March 25, but in just three days, the film achieved a new record by earning Rs 450 crore. Looking at the speed at which the movie is grossing at the box office, it is estimated that its earnings may exceed Rs 2000 crore. If this happens, it will be a milestone in the history of Indian cinema. The biggest credit for the stupendous success of ‘RRR’ goes to its director SS Rajamouli. Rajamouli, who changed the condition and direction of Indian cinema by offering the best films like ‘Bahubali’, is known for guaranteeing success. Rajamouli is one of those directors whose actor who works in movies also becomes a superstar. But Rajamouli hasn’t gotten to this point in a single day.

Behind this success of Rajamouli are his years of harsh penance. He has long range thinking. When the film ‘Bahubali’ was being produced, at that time he imprisoned himself and the entire film crew for five years. He shot for these movies continuously for about 380 days, which is double the days it takes to make any major Hollywood movie. Such dedication to a film has not been seen in any director working in the Indian film industry. This is why Rajamouli’s films create history. He makes new records at the box office. Otherwise, it takes courage to bet Rs 550 crore on a director’s reputation. But the bettor also knows that he will get back every penny he takes on his movie. The benefit that he will come after this will surprise everyone.

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Let us know how SS Rajamouli became the highly successful director of Hindustan…

1. Create cinema in the world of fantasy

The world of fantasy captivates everyone. A supernatural world is created through fantasy. Rajamouli is known for composing the cinema of him in this supernatural world. Take his movie ‘Bahubali’ only. The Mahishmati kingdom shown in this has nothing to do with reality. But the way Rajamouli has created this empire, it seems to be real. Similarly, the fantasy world is also seen in his movie ‘Magdheera’. The hero of this movie fights alone with 100 warriors for her girlfriend and dies while he saves her. After 400 years of that he is born again. In this life, once again both lovers meet again and remember the story of his previous birth. Let us tell you that fantasy is an imaginary idea, which has no real form. Imagine a world that is rarely possible in real life. This thought forces you to daydream while he is present in a corner of your mind.

2. Fictional history of mythological characters

Most of Rajamouli’s films are based on the fictional history of mythological characters. Take a look at the story of his two box office hits ‘Bahubali’ and ‘RRR’. The movie ‘Bahubali’ is inspired by the Mahabharata story. As in the Mahabharata, there is a war between the Kauravas and the Pandavas for the empire. Similarly, there is a fight between Bahubali (Prabhas) and Bhallaldev (Rana Daggubati) in this movie. In this, the character of Rajmata Sivagami is inspired by the character Bhishma of Kunti and Katappa. The story of the movie ‘RRR’ is inspired by the Ramayana. In this, Alluri Sitarama’s character Raju (Ram Charan) is inspired by Sriram, Sita (Alia Bhatt) as Mata Sita, and Bhima’s (NTR Junior) character Hanuman. In this way, Rajamouli connects the viewer with his film through cinema based on the fictional story of mythological characters. People really like his movies.

3. Beautiful set, use of cutting-edge technology.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali is known for making great movies in Bollywood. But Rajamouli has gone a long way in this matter. He is competing with Hollywood movies in terms of the use of big sets and cutting-edge technology on film. He remembers the set of his Bahubali movie. Money was wasted like water on the sets of this film made at Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad. The ‘Bahubali’ pool was planted on 15 hectares. In the first part of the film, 28 million rupees were spent on making the Mahishmati Empire set. In the sequel, many scenes were shot on the same set adding some new elements. Apart from this, a new empire set was also prepared, the production design of which cost Rs 35 crores. This set was prepared by 500 people in about 50 days. Crores of rupees were spent on the filming of a scene in his recently released movie ‘RRR’, where Indians are protesting against British officers. Rajamouli uses visual effects a lot in movies.

4. Strong command of script and direction

The life of any film lies in its script. If a strong, tight script is written, then the film has a better chance of doing better. After this, the role of the director becomes important. If the director responsibly does his job according to the script, then the film will surely be a success. To a large extent, the performance of the actors depends on the skill of the director. The most important characteristic of Rajamouli is that he himself writes the script and the film script of it. Along with this, he also directs. In such a situation, it is easy for him to direct while understanding the script. Along with this, he also manages to get the best performances of the actors in the movie from him. This is the reason why the stars who work in his movies become superstars after the premiere. It will be called the miracle of Rajamouli. Credit will go to his excellent filmmaking.

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