How that shot was played so irresponsibly; Fans against the Indian carrier !!

The third day of the Test Championship final was not so good for India. The team collapsed from 146 for three to 217 for all. Kyle Jamison, who took 5 wickets, broke India’s batting lineup. Jamieson began by firing Virat Kohli. Then, one by one, the Indian hitters entered the tent.

Rishabh Pant review

In the final, India had high hopes for young hitter and goalkeeper Rishabh. The first race was scored by 20 balls. The young man could be seen fighting without a connection between the bat and the ball. Jamieson was forged but the player left quickly. Scored 4 of 22 balls.

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Be patient

Is the culprit a scientist?

The wicket was thrown

Rishabh was sent off for a bad shot from Jamis. Southampton did not see the ball as the hero of India in Sydney and Gabba against Australia. It was also not a good time for the ball when hitting in the IPL. The ball was criticized for playing irresponsibly when the team was in crisis.

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Saha was fine

This is not correct …

Was out for 217 runs


Ajinkya Rahane was India’s leading scorer when India was eliminated by 217 in the first inning. Rahane scored 49 runs. Criticism is mounting that Rahane was also sent off for attempting an unnecessary shot. Rishabh returned the ball after Kohli was out and Jadeja and Ashwin tried a little partnership, but it didn’t work out either.

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