How To Build Climbing Supports For Climbing Roses

Climbing roses delight every flower lover with their colors and fragrances. With lush blooms, climbing roses provide small oases of relaxation, for example, near cozy seating areas in the garden.

Why do climbing roses need a climbing supports?

Climbing roses develop thick and somewhat rigid shoots that absolutely need a climbing aid. You bend the shoots horizontally and somewhat diagonally upwards. Then tie the rose shoots to the respective climbing aid so that they can grow well upwards. It is best to use soft twine, e.g. raffia, for tying. We do not recommend tying them with wire, as this could damage the delicate shoots.

What are suitable climbing aids for roses?

There are various climbing aids for climbing roses. It always depends on the location and the respective growth height of the roses, for which climbing aid you will decide, e.g. rose arch, pergola or trellis.

The rose arch

You can place a decorative rose arch directly in the garden. It is recommended not to use inferior materials, such as plastic pipes. Remember that climbing roses grow higher and higher, and the weight of the numerous flowers increases. It’s best to choose a really solid rose arch made of metal, stainless steel or cast iron.
Very large rose arches should be anchored in the ground with appropriate concrete foundations.

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The pergola

The pergola is also well suited as a climbing aid for your climbing roses. Depending on the model, you can use it to create a privacy screen in the garden, on the balcony or for your terrace. Choose a material that can support your climbing roses well for a long time. On offer are, among others, high quality pergolas made of metal and wood, e.g. pine and spruce. Wooden pergolas are usually already impregnated. When buying, pay close attention to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Trellises for climbing roses

If you want to plant climbing roses on a house wall, you should first install a very sturdy trellis. You must make sure that the trellis has a sufficient distance to the house wall. A distance of at least 10 centimeters is recommended. This allows the air to circulate better around the climbing roses. A trellis made of wood must necessarily be impregnated beforehand, so that it remains weather-resistant for as long as possible.
A trellis made of stainless steel, which you can attach to the wall of the house, looks very attractive. For example, there are trellises that are flexible in width and height thanks to the scissor mechanism. You can combine several of these trellises.

Build climbing supports yourself

You can also build climbing aids for your climbing roses yourself if you have some manual skills. Depending on the size you need, first choose the frame for the trellis. You can then attach wooden slats, for example, which must be impregnated beforehand. The wooden slats can be combined like a trellis or simply as cross slats on the frame. If you prefer to use wire ropes, this is also possible. You tension them into the frame in the appropriate length. Another option would be to use structural steel mesh or grating from the hardware store.

You can construct a rose arch for your climbing roses from several bamboo poles or logs, each of which is about two meters high. Tree trunks are also suitable, if they are not too thick. The individual arches can be stabilized well with cross beams. You can attach self-made lattices made of bamboo sticks to the side parts.

For the construction of a pergola you should definitely use very good wood, e.g. larch wood or weather- and pest-resistant teak wood. For climbing roses, the pergola must be equipped with enough trellises.


Climbing roses in any case need a trellis to which you can tie the shoots well. Rose arches, pergolas and trellises can be purchased in stores or built yourself.

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