How to embellish flower pot with table paint

There is still a lot of time to make beautiful things for the garden and the balcony. In peace and quiet you can now sit down and build, paint or screw. Whole without haste. A nice idea, which you can already use for your indoor garden, I would like to show you today!

Finding chic and at the same time inexpensive pots is often a real challenge. At least that’s how I feel. You can conjure up true eye-catchers from very simple and cheap clay pots in no time! I’ve been doing this for years and now the pots that stand on the balcony have got a great patina.

However, this DIY is more for the apartment. If you want to use the panel paint pots outside, I would recommend you use a waterproof pen.

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You need the following material:

  • Table color (Also available in various colors)
  • Clay pots
  • Chalk pencils
  • sandpaper
  • brush
  • newsprint

Step 1

The work surface is generously laid out with newsprint. Now put a little table color on the newsprint or pour it into an old coaster. Immerse the brush vigorously in the paint and sprinkle the clay pot with it. The inner part of the pot also needs a little colour. The upper part (approx. 3cm) is completely sufficient.

Step 2

After the paint is dried, easily go over the pot with a emery paper. This should have a very fine grading. Wipe the resulting dust with a kitchen towel and then apply the table paint again. At least two layers of panel paint should be applied to ensure that the opacity is sufficient.

Step 3

Before the first labeling, my recommendation is to “smear” the pot completely with chalk and then wipe it off again. Without flinching, you can now let everything out and smear it. What is that supposed to be? This makes it easier to remove the label later.

Step 4

But now get the beautiful writing out again 🙂 A nice saying, a colorful cloth ribbon, or a painted border make each pot a very individual individual piece. The practical thing about these overpots is that you can reshape them at any time. If you don’t like it anymore, just wipe it off and apply a new saying.

My absolute insider tip: Don’t you have a particularly beautiful handwriting? Then grab your best friend or, as in my case, the best brother and let him label the pot. Thank you dearest brother 🙂

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