How to harvest seeds and the right seed bag for free

Now it is not tomatoes, zucchini or herbs that are harvested, but seeds! Finally, we want to enjoy our colourful flowers again next year. To do this, you don’t necessarily have to buy new seeds, but you can become your own seed dealer. Especially with flowers like cosmeen, marigolds, tagetes, cornflowers, blue linseed, and countless others, this is very easy. Let’s get to the seeds!

Surely your plants are already swelling with seeds or what does it look like in the balcony box or garden bed? Take a look at the many flowers. Instead of lush flower ledes, there are now countless seed stands to be seen. Sometimes you can even watch a few small birds taste the seeds. Before everything is fed up or carried away by the wind, it’s time to harvest seeds! Fittingly, I’ve created a nice seed bag template that you can download here for free.

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Harvesting seeds yourself – that’s how it works

Of course, seeds should only be harvested if they have not rained before. When selecting seed stands, make sure to harvest as mature seed as possible. You can see this by the fact that the inflorescences already look quite dark and unattractive. In addition, the seed disperses out of the seed capsules with a small touch. So work nicely carefully, calmly and slowly.

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My tips for seed harvesting

  • Hold your hand under the seed stand and pinch it with scissors or fingers.
  • Place the collected seeds in a bowl and then spread it on a kitchen towel, newsprint or baking paper to dry.
  • Clean the seeds from the inflorescences as best you can. This means that really only the seeds move into the bag and not the complete inflorescences or dried plant remains.
  • Write on the seed bag best variety and year so you don’t lose track. Sooner or later you are guaranteed to have a large seed fund and it is advisable to keep order from the beginning.
  • Those who have collected so much seeds and don’t need so much themselves can of course give it away wonderfully to garden friends (or those who will hopefully soon be there) in the beautiful seed bags.
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By the way, the harvesting of vegetable seeds is a little different. I’ll show you in the later article How to win the seeds of your favorite tomatoes.

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