Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan with their new teammates in the same frame, that is, fuss!

Seeing this photo of Hrithik Roshan, Saba Azad, Sussanne Khan and Arslan Goni, people make different types of faces. Many people are getting dizzy looking at this photo. At the same time, many say that both have exchanged with mutual consent?

Some call Bollywood shameless and others say how much filth these people have created. After all, how can Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan do this? it’s a dark age,

In fact, there was a Sussanne Khan restaurant launch party in Goa. On this occasion Hrithik Roshan arrived with his alleged girlfriend Saba Azad and Arslan Goni was also present.

Those who see this picture have assumed that these four have committed great sins.

Now the difference between this image is in the life of the celebrity and the general public. Apart from making obscene comments on this photo, there is nothing people can do. Good thing these are celebrities who don’t care who says what. They live their lives freely and do what they want. Now those who want to clear their tongues, keep doing it.

People find it very strange that how can Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan be so cool together despite being each other’s ex? That also with your new partner? They say we haven’t reached the year 2070. See, when a man’s ex-wife takes those steps, then how is she rewarded with words?

severed nose

The first thing that comes to people’s minds is that the wife cut her nose doing this. Our respect has mixed in the dust of it. What happened when she got divorced, how shameless she is wandering around in the arms of a stranger. If she had been home, she would have learned a lesson. How is that husband? That he couldn’t control his wife.

triad character

This woman will do everything. The husband did not understand anything. He just he was entangled in the illusion of him. What is the belief of the character of these women, when will they change? She was so smart that she didn’t let her husband walk in front of her and today when her need was met, he left and went to someone else. Nobody can understand the mind of a woman who leaves.

rude people

As people are, there is no such thing as sanskar. At least they didn’t have to put those photos on social media. Now, what will be its effect on the young generation? It seems that their parents did not teach them values ​​in their childhood. Due to these people, dirt is spread in the society.

spread the dirt

Husband wandering with someone else and wife with someone else. From above, the four pose together as if they’ve done a good job. These people have thrown so much dirt that they are not on the bus to clean it up. We are disgusted to see this photo. How you laugh with tears in your throat, such filth used to happen in foreign countries. Now, because of these people, we also have to see those days in our country.

What values ​​will you give to your children?

What values ​​will these people give to their children and what will they teach? They do not know with what face they will go to their children. If the parents are like that, what will the children be like? His shadow will fall on him as well. All this will happen to give more freedom to women.

Those who see this photo have assumed that by partying together, making friends together, and posing for a photo together, they have made that great daddy, who is no longer going to be washed by any holy water. They have no faith, marriage today, divorce tomorrow, then live. What day has it come? We’re thinking if they’re celebrities, then if people do this reaction, then if 4 normal people do this…

This means that no matter how toxic the marriage becomes, couples should not get divorced. Even if he is divorced, no one else should be brought to life, no women at all. Let’s suppose that after the divorce, you understand that life is over… Don’t feel ashamed to do all this, tell me, how are these people?

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