Hrithik Roshan to travel on time, will be the entry of ‘magic’ once again in Krrish series!

Main characteristics:

  • Somebody went to the mill and would get the story of Krishna.
  • An alien named Magic came to earth in a mill.
  • The makers will soon bring the next film of the series.

Hrithik Roshan’s Krrish is India’s first superhero franchise, and it is likely that Krrish 4 will be coming soon. Hrithik Roshan has shared a video on the completion of 15 years of Krishna, which seems that the audience will see Krrish 4 soon. Last year a rumor had surfaced that the makers want to bring magic to the story once again.

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Hrithik Roshan’s film Krrish 4 is coming against many theories. According to media reports, Hrithik Roshan will be seen doing time travel in the upcoming film. The makers have found and are planning to unify Krishna’s story. The makers have conceived the concept of time travel to bring back the magic in the story. In the movie Koi Mil Gaya, Rohit Mehra uses his father’s tools to speak magic and summons him to Earth. While in agriculture, Rohit Mehra himself makes a time travel machine.

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The concept of time travel has been included in the story of the Hollywood film Avengers Endgame. All the superheroes go back in time to eliminate Thanos, the mighty villain in the film. In the movie Avengers Endgame, it is shown that with the help of quantum theory, all the superheroes go to the past and get the gems before Thanos and bring back their people lost in the war.

The report states that Rakesh Roshan and Hrithik Roshan have been working on the script with their team of writers for many years. Both are also in talks with Hollywood visual effects experts. This franchise is very special for Rakesh Roshan and he wants to give a great film. Interestingly, Hrithik Roshan is the only actor who has succeeded as a superhero.

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