Hungama 2 Trailer Review: What a Fuss in the Name of Comedy!

Action, Suspense, Suspense, Horror, Family, Art, Documentary, Sci-Fi, why not watch any genre of cinema? But the heart is not filled until a good sitcom is seen with the whole family. As Indians we are the proof. We look forward to those comedy movies, which make us feel strong while we watch them. Hungama, which arrived in 2003, was one of those movies. Hungama was successful and audiences were waiting for the sequel to this movie. The Hungama 2 trailer has arrived after almost 18 years. It’s also disappointing to see the trailer because if the Priyadarshan-directed movie were told, it was going to be a comedy movie, but the over-acting looks more like the acting of the actors.

Looking at the trailer, it becomes clear that Hungama 2 does not have the same as Hungama in 2003.

We have a lot to say and tell about the trailer, but before that know that the Hungama 2 trailer has been shared by actor Akshay Kumar from his Instagram account. The film was going to be released earlier in theaters, but later the producer and director of the film decided to release it on the OTT platform. The film will premiere on July 23 on the OTT Disney Plus Hotstar platform.

Speaking of Hungama One, the movie was a situational comedy, in which director Priyadarshan used all kinds of experiments and made the movie a perfect comedy. The director has also tried to make Hungama 2 a situational comedy. But when we see the trailer and watch it, we are disappointed in the acting. There has been an attempt to create humor in the film through misunderstandings and confusion. But since no one acts he is strong except some people. That is why a good plot has become garbage.

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Javed Jaffrey’s son Meezaan Jaffrey made his acting debut in the film and the trailer also began with the Meezaan Praneeta Subhash and Ashutosh Rana scenes. A child is shown in the trailer, with whom Meezaan is seen telling Rana that this child is not his. Shilpa Shetty also appeared on the screen after a long time through this film, who plays the wife of Paresh Rawal in the film.

It is seen in the trailer that Shilpa is trying to help Meezaan. Since the story is one of confusion, seeing Shilpa’s closeness to Meezaan, Paresh feels that his wife has an illicit relationship with Meezaan and the result of that relationship is the child who is the focus of discussion in the film.

Priyadarshan is the director of the film and is an expert in situational comedy as he has a genius for making movies. As you watch the trailer for Hungama 2, one thing can be sure that the responsibility for a good movie does not lie with the director alone. The actors also have an equal share in this and as we have mentioned, except for some actors in Hungama 2, the acting of all the actors is light, which has affected a good plot.

Speaking of the movie, it is also necessary to mention that the USP of the movie is Shilpa Shetty and her super hit song ‘Chura Ke Dil Mera Goriya Chali Hai’ which has been recreated for this movie which has been filmed in Meezaan and Shilpa.

As it happens when we see a movie trailer, to a certain extent we understand the story. Or that we understand what the film tries to tell. The strangest aspect of Hungama 2 is that despite watching the 3 minute trailer over and over again, we are still trying to understand what the plot of the movie is.

However, since Hungama 2 is Priyadarshan’s movie. And right now we only have a three-minute trailer for the movie. Therefore, it is too early to speak of any kind. The film either pleases audiences or is disappointed in the name of watching comedy. We’ll know the answer after July 23, but as the trailer progresses, the movie seems to be full of cheap comedy and over-acting.

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